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CWW 10

Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 10

Do you have a country dream relocation list? What’s on it? Is it lifestyle, culture, connection, community, safety, freedom, or cost of living? Maybe it’s all the above. Maybe you wonder if it is even possible to have the life you seek in another country. Well, it is. In this episode, Charlotte doles out personal experiences and conversations she’s had with expats. What is the real lifestyle like for an expat and how do they feel about their situation? There’s a lot of questions here, so let’s get them answered today.

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 61

Brace yourself for this one! Because in this episode, Carib Carter puts on his Blue Collar hat and goes full Mad Max. Our normally upbeat, pollyannaish host wipes the smile off his face -- and may wipe it off yours as well. He tackles head-on what he calls "America's War on the Middle Class"as proof positive as to why now is the time for you to make your move to "the good life at a great price" south of the border. And he even shows you a "Thousand Dollar Listing -- Caribbean" in sandy, surfy Sosua, DR that may have you reaching for your passport -- and your sun tan lotion!

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The Offshore Investment Report 20

The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 20

Suppose you had $250,000 -- that's it, en toto -- and you wanted to get the maximum return on it in offshore investments. You knew you wanted to get the maximum return on it, with both increased equity and solid cash flow. Where would you go and what would you do? On today's intriguing edition of Mike Cobb's Offshore Investment Report, the renowned "Offshore Oracle" gives you not just one, but three, options for building your nest egg when the eagle flies!

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The Global Wealth Fortress Report 39

The Global Wealth Fortress Report | Episode 39

Wall Street is collapsing. The economy is cratering. And some of what once were solid, long term investments are now deepening sinkholes. So what's a person to do to protect his or her assets? Well, the Assets Oracle, America's #1 asset protection attorney, Joel Nagel, knows. And he tells all in this exciting, important -- and urgent -- edition of Joel Nagel's Global Wealth Fortress Report! So, turn in, take notes, and find out where the smart money is going to protect itself -- and make more!

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Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 9

It is important to understand the culture of the country where you seek to reside, and to pursue to understand your place within that culture. Mexico is a culture with strong family ties. It’s not uncommon to see grandparents hanging with teenagers. Entire generational families will spend Sundays together having a picnic, enjoying each others company, and teaching life lessons to the children. Charlotte shares what she witnesses spending a Sunday morning and afternoon on the Malecon in Chapala, Mexico. The topic of safety in Mexico, something that is on the mind of many, enters the conversation. Hang on as we also hear some exciting news received by Charlotte and her husband.

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The Cult of Low Interest Rates

We know this from 30 years of history, starting with Japan in 1991. The country tried to cure its asset-bubble collapse through easy money rather than accepting the reality of recession. It led to a lost decade. Then decades.

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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Debt

Some people are more observant than others. Some are more capable of thinking outside the box than others. Whether this is by nature or nurture is a moot point.

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Gran Atlantida

Let's Explore Honduras!

A Central American country with a vibrant culture, incredible diving, and a bounty of nature reserves, Honduras provides adventure and beauty in abundance!

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