News & Trends in Offshore Investing

Taking the Tide at the Flood
Into each of our lives, there comes a time of decision. A time when the elements so converge that all that we are or ever hope to be comes down to the choice we make in a single moment that determines our destiny. And, very often, that of those around us. Read More.
Thousand Dollar Listing, Caribbean
Why settle for a ghost town in the middle of nowhere – when you can have the sun, sand, and surf, the home of your dreams, and the freedom to live your own life on your own terms for a price Ryan Serhant would consider pocket change… Read More.
7 Key Advantages to Purchasing International Real Estate
You have an opportunity to purchase some offshore real estate. This is an opportunity that deserves careful consideration. There are plenty of reasons to acquire one or more types of international real estate, whether it’s residential or commercial properties. Read More.
Costa Rica an Earthly Paradise to Retire
Costa Rica attracts visitors with its tropical climate; low cost of living; world-class affordable healthcare; negotiate real estate; and natural beauty, ratifies the site specialized in promoting quality of life sites. Read More.
“Transitory” Inflation?
Escalating prices are so extravagant, the Social Security Administration is increasing its cost-of-living adjustment 5.9% next year. That is its largest annual increase in nearly 40 years. For the past 10, 1.65% has been about par. Read More.
Here’s Why the New War on Meat Consumption Could Lead to Food Shortages…
“Coercion is no longer taboo.” Has there ever been a time in history where those who have been coercing have been on the right side of history? Read More.
Meet the man who owns five gorgeous, picture-perfect residential resorts throughout Latin America
He is not going to like this…But, I’m going to say it anyway: Mike Cobb is one of the nicest guys on the face of the earth. Read More.
Anti-Capitalist Unleashed Like Never Before
The resentment against big tech and its role in lockdowns, mandates, and censorship is starting to boil over. Read More.
Pueblos Magicos: How To Explore The Magical Small Towns Of Mexico
I’ve never met a pueblo magico I didn’t love. These 132 “magic towns” are a designation of the Mexican government, a program launched in 2001 to promote tourism in smaller communities that offer natural beauty, cultural richness, history, archeology, cuisine, and the arts. Read More.
Belize places six resorts among Condé Nast Traveller top resort listing
In Central America, Belize is home to six of the top ten; the others are all in Costa Rica. Read More.
Get to Know the Place in Costa Rica where Hiking, Biking and Adventure Converge
Located 45 minutes from Cartago is Finca La Lucha, a recreational area in the Los Santos that has a beautiful natural lake, trails, camping areas, waterfall, downhill track, cross track and paintball area. Read More.
The Pilots Lead the Rebellion
Did you miss a flight this past weekend? Southwest Airlines cancelled 1,900 of them, causing many thousands of people to languish in airports, scrambling for a way out. Yep, it was total chaos for many, and a public-relations disaster for the airline itself. Read More.
Caffeine, Culture, Quetzals and a New Day for Panama
Chiriqui is home to a 10,000-foot active volcano, the world’s largest binational protected reserve, Central America’s most peaceful and conflict-free rural tourism experience, and the world’s most expensive coffee. Read More.
4 Beautiful National Parks In Costa Rica Not To Miss
Costa Rica. Just the name conjures up images of powdery sand beaches and verdant, humid rainforests filled with exotic animals. Read More.
The breath-takingly beautiful community of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
I have a confession to make: I want to live in Nicaragua! Read More.

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