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It happens to all of us sometimes: we accidentally bump into mainstream news. It’s so predictable. This weekend, we heard about how inflation is dying out, Biden is doing a great job, a handful of extremists are taking over the Republican Party, Tucker Carlson is evil, the January 6 committee has unearthed new right-wing perfidy, gun control will solve everything, and the earth is still a flaming ball of heat thanks to your use of fossil fuels. 

You know the prattle and ritual all too well. 

Meanwhile, an actually interesting poll came out of Monmouth polling. For the first time in its polling history, more than half of Americans are actually directly blaming the federal government for their sufferings. This is also reflected in Biden’s popularity today, which sports a 20-point split between approve and disapprove. 

My own intuition is that this massively understates the prevailing anger out there. People seem finally to be getting it. It was government that wrecked the world we knew. Among a long list of horribles is inflation. Inflation is a tax of a special kind. It’s nothing but a sinister robbery. It pillages Americans of all the time and effort they put into working for money and transfers it to the elite in government and connected special interests.

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USA by Kevin Luke is licensed under unsplash.com

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