Belize offers adventures a chance to combine surf with turf

Hawaiian-shirted travelers seeking rum cocktails and glassy warm waters go to Bimini. Nature nuts hoping to capture capuchins with their Canons go to Costa Rica.

But those longing for the best of both, a true surf ‘n’ turf adventure, should check their suitcases all the way in sunny Belize.

Oft overlooked for its more famous Caribbean neighbors, the pandemic has given quarantine-weary travelers new reason to Be-lize in the tiny costal country (punning the nation’s name is practically patriotic duty down there; the locals love it. Belize the day and try it — it’s the Belize knees).

For a respectable while, Belize was the only country in the Americas that was COVID-free.

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Surf by Joseph Greve is licensed under

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