Best Under-The-Radar Places For Remote Work

“Don’t go to the most popular digital nomad destinations if you’re looking for the best place for remote work.” – Barbara Jovanovic, SafetyWing

What great insight. 

This article has come to life in a colourfully decorated condo in La Floresta, a lakeside town adjacent to the Magical Town of Ajijic. As a fully remote worker, an important lesson learned is you don’t have to live in a big city to have all the amenities required for work. Big cities don’t offer the quality of life I seek. For a farm girl at heart, open space is a need and a desire. Instead of being based in the busy megacity of Mexico City, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to discover La Floresta. Mexico City was an adventure to visit, but I would not want to live there. A metropolis offers a cloak of invisibility sewn with concrete. The great outdoors with wide open spaces is where I come alive. 

La Floresta will never make the top 10 digital nomad spots anywhere, but that’s okay—it was what I needed to feel at home. Partly because there are a lot of retired expats and partly because it’s a sleepy community where people walk their dogs and locals ride horses down the streets. La Floresta is just a 30 minute taxi ride away from the Guadalajara airport. The best of Mexico’s worlds thrive in La Floresta.

The search for undiscovered remote work locations is not a singular one. Many people ask where they should move to and work, where they can set up a business in a new country outside their home country, and where they can go to escape the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The latter is a tough question. For starters, look at how countries treated their citizens during the pandemic—that’s a telltale hand; and one still being played.

What other areas are remote workers seeking? Mexico may be great for me, but it’s not for everyone. Many people can’t get over the idea of Mexico and Central America as dangerous locations. Deeply ingrained paradigms are hard to shake. However, the earth is a diverse planet—there are alternatives on the other side of the globe.

What Requirements do you Need for Happiness?

The first question you need to ask yourself is what you require for happiness. Community spirit, natural beauty, and locals who say hello to you while passing by on the street are big positives. If you are obsessed with cooking and need a full kitchen, don’t settle for something small, you will only be frustrated. Likely, a strong internet connection is imperative. Pause and think critically about what you need in life, and make sure your destination of choice has it.

The best benefit about traveling and living in different countries is how your perspective widens. You become conscious. You will have new life experiences to treasure and a life many people are not courageous enough to venture into. The people you will meet are most interesting from whom you will learn new opportunities and ideas. You will eat better than you ever ate in Canada or the United States for a fraction of the price. All the new skills you will learn will prepare you for the future.

Make it your powerful mission to embrace finding a new destination to live and confidently embrace it. No one knows what you love but you. Let’s try and find you a place to call home. 

The countries listed below have all had the courage to drop travel restrictions—no testing or injections required. Why not reward good behaviour instead of punishing it? Let’s start with my community of choice right now, La Floresta, Mexico.

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