Civil War Becomes Inevitable in the USA

The problem is no longer who was legitimately elected President of the United States, but how long can the civil war be postponed? Far from being a fight between a narcissistic TV presenter and a senile old man, the country is being torn apart over a fundamental cultural issue that has been smouldering since its inception.

Here we are: the disaster that has been predictable for the past 30 years is looming. The United States is heading inexorably toward secession and civil war.

Since the demise of the USSR, the “American Empire” no longer had an existential enemy and therefore no reason to exist. The attempt by George H. Bush (the father) and Bill Clinton to give the country a new life with the globalization of trade has destroyed the middle classes in the USA and in almost all of the West. The attempt of George W. Bush (son) and Barack Obama to organize the world around a new form of capitalism – financial this time – has been bogged down in the sands of Syria.

It is too late to turn the tide. Donald Trump’s attempt to abandon the American Empire and refocus the country’s efforts on its domestic prosperity has been sabotaged by the elites acquired to the puritanical ideology of the “Pilgrim Fathers”. As a result, the moment so feared by Richard Nixon and his election adviser Kevin Philipps has arrived: the United States is on the brink of secession and civil war.

Civil War by Chris Chow is licensed under Unsplash

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