Don’t change a thing until I get back

Dear Offshore Club Friend,

August 14, 1502, was a big day for the folks in Trujillo, Honduras (all 15 of them).

On that momentous day, my paesano Christopher Columbus, landed on the quaint little town’s broad, sun-bathed white-sand beach…

And I’m happy to report that he liked what he saw (which, hopefully, you soon will too!).

In fact, old Chris liked it so much that before he left, he said to those gathered on the shore to see him off, “Don’t change a thing until I get back.”

And they haven’t.

Seriously folks (bada boom), the beautiful little town of Trujillo is my favorite place in all of Honduras.

It’s quaint… it’s cozy… it’s picture-perfect picturesque…

And it is nestled down nicely right, smack, dab on the most beautiful pristine beach in all of Honduras!

In short, IMO, Trujillo is the stuff that dreams are made of…

And made come true!

So, why am I telling you all of this?

Because, oh boy, have I got a deal for you!

(And please keep in mind: it is not one on which I make a penny – but on which you can build a life.)

Take a gander at this (it’s from the website I keep telling you about all of the time) – and see if you don’t agree:

Beach House For Sale in Trujillo, Honduras
Paradise In Honduras
Asking Price: $125,000 USD

Near the historic town of Trujillo, this spectacular eco-paradise features resort and residential areas within our private, gated community.

This house comes with air condition, two bedrooms plus a loft that can be changed to another bedroom, 2 full bathrooms. On the main floor is an open concept with large windows.

In ground pool, tropical gazebo. You are a few steps away from the ocean.

Gorgeous landscaping from palm trees to all kind of fruit trees... Also it's a great investment !! Rent it through AIRBNB or VRBO... for the weeks you are not there.

BTW, the reason this home is so easy to rent is that the Banana Coast cruise ship dock is just minutes from your front door!

My advice: Check out this opportunity on by typing in 270261 in the tiny little box in the upper righthand corner of the website (in fact, if it were any tinier, Viviun would have to supply you with a magnifying glass to read it!)

And please remember: I don’t get one red cent from either the property owner or Viviun.

So why do I do it?

Because I believe you deserve a better life than the political elite is now allowing you to live in America…

Because, in the words of Thomas Wolfe, " each of us, paying little mind to his introduction to the world, his sparkling, brilliant open door ...the privilege to live, to work, to act naturally, and to wind up whatever thing his will and his vision can consolidate”…

And because just a day and dream away lies your “Good Life at a Great Price” in quaint, peaceful, pristine Trujillo.

Check it out…

And (while we are waiting for Columbus’ return), let’s do this thing!


Carib Carter Clews
The Offshore Club

Roatan Honduras by Preneur d'image is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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