How to Live Abroad and Save More Money

When you make the leap to living abroad, money will always become the first concern for you. You may have lots of money in savings, but you will inevitably need more income to make your new international lifestyle sustainable. 

Geoarbitrage is a term originally made popular by Tim Ferriss, the famous author who wrote “The Four Hour Work Week.” Essentially what this means is moving to a place with a lower cost of living than you are accustomed to while simultaneously keeping your same level of income. 

Especially when it comes time to going out and having fun, splurging a little bit on a nice dinner, increasing your quality of life for a fraction of the cost, and so on. This way, you can continue living a fulfilling life while traveling the world. 

As a US citizen, you will likely be working for clients or have customers who pay in USD while you are living abroad. As this is written, the USD holds a strong weight around the world. You will soon discover that despite lower values for other forms of currency that your money will often seem more valuable than before.

Portugal by Evan Verni is licensed under Unsplash

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