It Occurs To Me

Years ago, when my dad was the Methodist minister in the tiny town of Williamsport, Maryland (right before we made the move to Baltimore City), I was an avid Washington Senators fan.

By way of clarification, let me hasten to add that long before the Nationals came on the scene, way back in the 1950s, Washington had a team called the “Senators” -- that the cursed Calvin Griffith moved to Minneapolis.

Being a Senators fan, I couldn’t wait each week to read my favorite sports column, penned by the award-winning Bob Addie – he of the red socks, dark glasses, and unabashed home team bias… despite the fact that said home team was perennially mired at the rock bottom of the American League standings.

Bob’s columns always started out, “It occurs to me…” – an introduction that allowed him to roam far and wide as he shared his thoughts about the town and team he so revered.

I loved the free flow style and the opportunity it provided him to offer a diverse range of salient sentiments, without getting tied down to or caught up in any one tedious topic (such as why the damn team could never seem to finish above .500).

So, with your kind permission, henceforth, about once a month, I would like to borrow from Bob to range far and wide about our favorite mutual topic – making the move to the good life at a great price in the sun, sand, and surf south of the border.

And let’s see if you share my own diverse sentiments as they relate to you making your move down under.

It occurs to me…
  • That with every passing day, life for good, decent, hardworking Americans, becomes increasingly untenable. Skyrocketing inflation (about which the government seems to have adopted a two-pronged policy: exacerbate and prevaricate)… soaring taxes (Biden’s bogus “Inflation Reduction Act” will actually increase taxes by 62% on Americans making $40,000 to $50,000 a year)… and burgeoning, bludgeoning violent crime (especially in America’s cities and suburbs) – all are increasingly out of control.
And I can assure you, that will continue to be the case, because in truth, America’s pampered, protected ruling elite quite simply couldn’t care less. Which, btw, goes for the professional politicians on both sides of the Congressional aisle. After all, why should they care? Their average net worth is about $7,000,000 – and they surround themselves with armed guards. How’s that for egalitarian “representation” of the everyday American?
  • That the real answer to skyrocketing inflation lies south of the border – with what I call the “Four Times Factor.” Here’s what I mean: In countries throughout Central and South America, the cost of living averages about one-quarter what it now does in the US. So, every dollar you make there will go four times as far as it does here.
Plus, think about this: The average income in Central America is about $2000 to $3000 a year. Which means that, if your retirement income, or your remote working salary, totals that amount (or more) a month… Well, do the math: You can live like a prince or princess there – rather than a pauper here!
  • That once you make your move to Central or South America, you can finally, at last, once and for all, escape the increasingly boorish, brutal, and oppressive MoPo Cabal. What is that? It is the MoneyPower Cabal that now rules the roost in the United States and will do anything and everything it finds necessary – no matter how onerous for Middle Class Americans – to grasp more money and grab more power.
For the wealthy elite in the MoPo mix, that means Wall Street makes billions, while Main Street goes broke. And for the political elite, it means issuing  a plethora of tyrannical new “Executive Orders” and passing myriad new laws, rules, and regulations restricting and restraining every move the average American makes – unless, of course, he or she cries, “Big Brother may I?”... and pays whatever additional tax or tariff the politicians impose.  
  • That the situation with housing in Latin America is even more enticing than the “Four Times Factor.” That’s because of what I call “The 10% Rule”: A home south of border is going to cost you about one-tenth what it would in the United States. And that is a fact of the matter whether you buy a gorgeous, oceanfront home in an exclusive residential resort community like Gran Pacifica in Nicaragua… or a single, “one-off” home like my wife and I did in the friendly little  Honduran town of El Calan.

Plus, your new home south of the border will be better built with top-quality materials. So, no more vinyl siding, plywood prefabs for you that go up in a day and spring leaks in a year!

  • That – believe it or not – you and your family will likely be far safer in Central or South America than you now are in the US. Say what?! Yes, it’s true. And I’ll tell you why point blank: The politicians in the US, at all levels – federal, state, and local – have deliberately fanned the flames of racial division to the point where 12 American cities last year set homicide records. And violent crime between the races has reached an all-time high.
You see, for politicians, racial division is not just a matter of divide and conquer – it is all about divide and oppress. The more divided you are, the more power they wield. So, they have weaponized crime by keeping the races at each other’s throats in order to keep themselves in charge.

Not so in Latin America, where people are still judged by “the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.” So, the politicians can’t play the race card – from the bottom of the deck. And in countries like Nicaragua, the violent crime rate is actually lower than that in the US.
  • That in Latin America, you can also once again thoroughly enjoy your leisure life with celebrities who understand that they are there to entertain, not indoctrinate. In short, you can kiss goodbye the appalling and singularly offensive Culture Wars that are now part and parcel of American life.
Want to go to a ballgame where the players don’t deign to desecrate the flag, accuse you of “racism,” or support BLM thugs? Well, in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Uruguay, Paraguay (I could go on, but I think you get the picture) sporting events are still full-fledged, fun-filled games rather than political rallies. Because, you see, in the Spanish language, “Desportes son divertidos.” Enough said.

And as to elitist Hollywood celebrities and their Pecksniffian holier than thou preening and posturing… Well, in Latin America those who make a living pretending to be someone else (which, after all, is really what acting is all about, isn’t it?) do not feel entitled by the roles they play in their reel lives to tell the rest of us how to live the real world. Kind of refreshing, isn’t it?

So, there you have it.

That’s what occurs to me today. And, because I am honored to receive your emails and phone calls/text messages on a daily basis, I know it occurs to a lot of other Offshore Club members as well.

So, please let me know what you think about this once-a-month Clews Views format. And if you like it, let’s continue to do this thing, shall we?  
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