It’s About POWER

You know the wicked truth about Chairman Mao’s “Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom.” He said this in 1957, while inviting anyone to criticize the Communist Party. There were cheers all around and the criticisms were unleashed. This lasted six weeks, after which many of the biggest critics were shot. It was a bait and switch. Brilliant tactic for evil people. 

That’s not exactly what happened this week but the analogy works. A judge in Florida this week struck down the Biden administration’s transportation mask mandate. And a thousand flowers bloomed in the form of air-born celebrations from coast to coast. Will it last? Not if our rulers in D.C. get their way. 

The Metaphor 

But let’s be clear about something. It’s about more than masks. The mask is a metaphor for ALL THE CONTROLS AND WRECKAGE of the past two years. People hate them because they are so personal. More precisely, they are depersonalizing. 

We are our faces, to others and ourselves. Take that away and what are we? We are tools. We are nothing but pawns. We are lab rats for their experiments. Masks are dehumanizing because they are supposed to be. The mask has a very long history as a tool of subjection. We all know this intuitively. 

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