Living in Tropical Paradise

Ever dreamt about living on the beach, drinking coconut water every day, having fresh fish on your plate, and being surrounded by flourishing nature? Well, I am about to tell you everything you need to know to make this dream come true. Welcome to my Dominican Republic expat guide!

Dominican Republic Expat Life

Right now I am a freelance photographer, content creator and social media manager. I currently live in the Dominican Republic as an expat and enjoy working remotely from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

How I came to visit this island was pretty random. The clearest factor was that I was kind of broke at the time. I was planning a trip with my dear friend Ally who is an awesome travel blogger, check out


She lives in California, while at the time I was living in Ecuador learning how to surf. We were trying to figure out the best place to meet that was cheap enough to reach from both California and Ecuador. The universe decided that it would be the beautiful Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

The last destination on our two week tour was a small town on the north coast of Samana. I added this spot because there was a great beach for surfing. When we rented scooters and reached the beach, I had this famous click that you feel inside and realised why I was meant to be there.

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Dominica Republic by Joel Casilla is licensed under Unsplash

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