More Aspiring Expats Are Heading To Mexico

A new survey by online magazine Expats In Mexico shows 54 percent of respondents say they are Extremely Likely or Very Likely to move south of the border, an increase of 5-percentage points from the company’s similar 2019 survey.

The study also finds that 54 percent say they will be moving much sooner, a significant increase of 18-percentage points from two years ago.

Nearly 300 aspiring expats, primarily from the U.S. and Canada, completed the online survey in January and February of this year

“We did this year’s study to compare the results to our 2019 survey,” said Robert Nelson, founder of Expats In Mexico. “This year’s results confirm that there is a heightened interest by Americans, Canadians and aspiring expats from other countries in moving to Mexico, especially among Baby Boomers. About 40 percent, though, are not quite ready to move within the next year, citing the need to continue working to save more money.”

Read the full article here.

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Mexico by Jezael Melgoza is licensed under Unsplash

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