No Gracias, Preferimos la Libertad

The headline says it all, doesn’t it?

The leaders of Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras have boycotted Joe Biden’s bogus “Summit of the Americas.”

They seem to have taken issue with Biden’s stated intention of corralling Latin American leaders in order to, as CNN puts it, “restore democratic values to American foreign policy.”

Say what?!

Hmmm, let’s see now…

Joe Biden – the president who has issued more dictatorial “Executive Orders” in his 18 months in office than most other presidents did in eight years – decided to dragoon Latin American leaders into his command performance in order to dictate to them how they should “restore democratic values.”

Is that a joke?

If so, the leaders of legitimate Latin American democracies don’t get it.

Rightly so.

And neither should you.

After all:
  • This is the same Joe Biden who – as one of his first acts upon taking office – single-handedly destroyed America’s energy independence with one single stroke of his poisonous pen.
  • This is the same Joe Biden who in June 2021 issued a White House National Security Council (NSC) White declaration that anyone who harbored “anti–government or anti–authority sentiment” could be arrested under the Patriot Act as a domestic terrorist. That’s called “Mind Control,” folks.
  • This is the same Joe Biden who unilaterally declared that anyone who failed to abide by his vaccination decree would be fired from his or her job and could starve in the streets for all he cared.
  • This is the same Joe Biden who in May of this year directed his Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to establish a “Ministry of Truth” to monitor every word every American writes – and censor those not in accord with the Big Government agenda.
  • And this is the same Joe Biden who just a month ago declared that any child who objected to having perverted old men in the little girls’ bathroom would have the food taken from their mouths.
Let’s put all of that into perspective – as the Latin American leaders clearly have already done.

When I was a kid at Baltimore City College high school way back in the free and easy Sixties, we had a civics course called “Problems of Democracy.”

Clearly, the leaders of countries throughout all of Latin America have figured out that the biggest problem the US has with democracy is a tin-pot tyrant named Joe Biden.

And they want nothing to do with him – or his destructive, dictatorial  policies.

You see, there is not a single, solitary leader in any of the countries in all of Central or South America that would starve their own precious daughters if they refused to entertain grown men in the little girls’ room.

Nor would any arrest people for harboring wrongful thoughts… or establish a draconian Ministry of Truth to tape folks’ mouths shut.

None whatsoever -- except, perhaps, for Cuba – with which Biden has just reestablished normal relations. How revealing is that?

Now, I can almost hear the Biden bidders – that ever-faithful twenty percent – muttering through their ever-attached masks: “Oh yeah, well what about Daniel Ortega? Joe said he is a real tyrant.”

Well, abjuring the temptation to retort, “It takes one to know one,” allow me to simply say that if you take one casual glance look at life in Nicaragua, you will quickly find that the folks are now freer there than anywhere in the good old US of A.

And if you bother to go visit – or even take up residence – there, chances are you will so fall in love with the chance to once again breathe and be free that you may never, ever want to return to the land that once was.

Why so?

Taxes in Nicaragua are a fraction of what they are in the US.

Restrictions on personal thoughts and free speech are virtually non-existent. (You see, they have no White House NSC; nor do they have a DHS.)

Want to start a new business in Nicaragua?

Well, go start a new business – without all of the licenses, permits, certificates, assessments, fees, and fines (for violating rules and regulations you didn’t even know existed) now foisted on every struggling entrepreneur by federal, state, and local governments throughout the US.

Want to buy or sell a home in Nicaragua?

Please feel free to do so – without filling out 18,000 pages of restrictive – and expensive – forms, all designed to give US governments (plural) complete knowledge of and power over your every move.

And, oh, by the way, in Nicaragua, you don’t have to worry about wearing a Fauci slave mask, standing six feet away from your family and friends, having your business summarily destroyed by government decree and being incarcerated in your own home.

Unlike Joe Biden, Daniel Ortega never did any of that in healthy, happy Nicaragua. Nor will he.

So, who’s the real tyrant -- free-thinking Danny Boy… or forever angry Old Joe?

I think you get the picture.

And so did democratic leaders throughout Latin America.

That’s why, as the CNN headline reveals, they politely told summit-seeking Joe, “No gracias,  preferimos la libertad.”

It’s kind of axiomatic: Those who prefer freedom tend to eschew tyranny.  

And, perhaps, so should you.
Fighting for FREEDOM by Hanna Zhyhar is licensed under

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