Part 2: A World of Choices When Moving Overseas

The Investment Factor

The other factor most people consider is the concept of investment. For many, the purchase of a property, condo or home overseas is more than just lifestyle. Owning a property that can help carry its weight helps too. Knowing where in a maturity curve a country fits helps us define the kind of return on investment we desire.  

The Popularity Curve – Where do Many North Americans Take Their Honeymoons?
Note that a country is not just one thing. The specific location in a country counts too.   In the chart below, you’ll see 2 different locations in Costa Rica. The same is true with all countries.They must be thin-sliced to get the highest levels of accuracy.  

Other locations on the chart below are more general, so a closer, more specific examination is needed if making an investment. The thinner the slice, the more accurate the data. But for a general discussion, the data here is illustrative and helpful.

If the element of a cash-flow type of investment return is important, then owing a property in a beautiful country led by a healthy tourism sector is vital. I strongly stand behind Belize, Argentina, and Costa Rica as three of the best destinations for doing just that.  

Growing economies and strong tourism have both contributed to higher prices and increased transactions throughout these jurisdictions. All three of these nations are attractive tropical locations where you can either make a smart investment or live in and start a new life in a life of ease, relaxation, and beauty. 


When it comes to offshore tropical destinations, you can’t beat Belize. With many popular regions to choose from, each more wonderful than the other, you can’t go wrong. Not only is it beautiful, the cost of living is also low, relative to other popular expat and retirement regions. 

According to the Global Property Guide, a surge of tourism is to thank for a booming property market. In recent years, popular Belize destinations, such as Placencia and Ambergris Caye, prices have risen by double digit figures. 

In the Cayo District, property prices rose roughly 5-7% over the past five years. Belize is not new to the expat buyer game. In fact, 95% of homebuyers in Ambergris Caye, the Cayo District, and the Placencia Peninsula are foreign buyers. 

If Cashflow is King, Then Ambergris Caye is Where You Want to Be
All of this said, it is critical to remember that over 70% of all tourism revenue for the country of Belize is generated on one tiny island called Ambergris Caye.   Location.   Location.   Location.   If cash flow is a key element of the equation for you, then owing a vacation property where the vast majority of travelers visit just makes sense, doesn’t it?  

Tourism is also booming. In 2019, stay-over visitors hit 450,000 people, which was up 9.1% from the previous year. That’s also the highest it has reached in decades. 

Ambergris Caye is where the most expensive homes in the country will be found. This in understandable since Ambergris is a beautiful Caribbean destination with clear water, wonderful culture, and a sizeable expat community. 

A one to two-bedroom condominium sell at about $300,000-$600,000 and three to four-bedroom oceanfront house is around $1 million.    Branded Residences in a Marriott Resort start at $319,000.  Best Western Studio condos start under $100,000 and are popular vacation and investment properties.      

Own a Marriott Residence on Ambergris Caye
Ambergris Caye, Belize by Meritt Thomas is licensed under Unsplash License

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