PW25 Talk – Doubling Down On Bidenomics…Or The Hydra Factor

For more than 40 years, I have been a pretty well-known political operative in Washington.

Now, I know, that’s the kind of thing some folks say should only be said in a confessional booth…

But, nonetheless, that’s what I do.

And I have to tell you that in all of the those 40 years plus, I have never seen a situation more dire – or dangerous – to our country, its economy, and our pocketbooks – than I am now seeing.

And that brings me to what I want to talk to you about today: Doubling Down on Bidenomics… or, what I and a lot of other conservative political operatives in Washington now call “The Hydra Factor.”

First, a caveat: I am NOT talking about politics!

If you voted for Donald Trump… and you aren’t too happy about what happened… well, it is what it is – and if someone wants to ask me about the election results in the Q&A, I’ll be happy to give you my opinion.

If you voted for Joe Biden, Merry Christmas – you are now in nirvana… which is proving to be kind of costly for the rest of us.

But, so be it.

What I do want to talk very briefly about is what it actually is – not in political terms, but in terms of real politik. In terms of political economics... politinomics, as I call it. And about personal finance.

I want to talk briefly with you about where we are now – and, frankly, where my insider associates in Washington believe we are ineluctably going.

And that brings me to the Hydra Factor.

Now as most of you may recall, this is the multi-headed Hydra of Greek mythology.

The Hydra Factor

The Hydra, as most of you will recall, was a vicious, vile-smelling predatory creature with multiple heads. And each time you cut off one, another would appear – even more gruesome, dangerous, and deadly.

So, what, in Washington, is the “Hydra Factor”?

Simply put, it means that once you chop off one head of a government program or proposal, it simple grows another head – and comes at you in a different disguise from another angle. Each more secretive and sinister than the other.

Which is why, Jefferson was right: Eternal vigilance really is the price of freedom – particularly economic freedom.

The Hydra Factor  is what prompted Ronald Reagan to say that “The nearest thing we have on earth to eternal life is a government program.”

But, actually, it’s even worse than that. Much worse.

Because, it isn’t just programs that have eternal life in Washington – it is proposals, plans, legislation, trial balloons, and marker sets, as well.

In short, history has taught us that whatever the politicians conjure up – they find a way – often surreptitiously – to force it down the American people’s throats…

No matter how outrageous.

Let me show you a little proof.

Here is a short list of just some of the programs and proposals that assumed eternal life in Washington – after the politicians promised the American people that those Hydra heads were only “temporary”… and “really wouldn’t amount to much.”
  • Commodity Credit Corporation (1933)
  • Corporation for National and Community Service (Americorps) (1933)
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting aka PBS (1967)
  • Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (1987)
  • Farm Credit Banks (1916)
  • Federal Financing Bank (1973)
  • Federal Home Loan Banks (1932)
  • Federal Prison Industries (1934)
  • The Financing Corporation aka FICO (1989)
  • Legal Services Corporation (1974)
  • National Consumer Cooperative Bank (1978)
  • Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation (1978)
  • Millennium Challenge Corporation (2004)
  • National Credit Union Administration Central Liquidity Facility (1998)
  • National Endowment for Democracy (1983)
  • National Park Foundation (1967)
  • National Railroad Passenger Corporation aka Amtrak (1971)
  • Overseas Private Investment Corporation (1971)
  • Panama Canal Commission (1903) – (still used as a military base, despite losing its established program name in
  • Securities Investor Protection Corporation (1970)
In addition, we got the withholding tax – just to cover the costs of the war, don’tya know?… the Simpson Mazzoli immigration act of 1986 (just let a few in – then we zip up the border)… the Civil Rights Act of 1965 affirmative action provisions (Humphrey – just temporary, never have quotas)... the Korean, Vietnam, and Afghanistan wars without end.

With each one, the politicians promised the all-too-trusting American people that they were just for the time being – “umm, don’t worry about it… they’re only temporary... harmless… no big deal.”

And then one after another, each time the American people would try to cut off the Hydra’s heads – they would come to find out that the Government Hydra had grown yet another sinister head – often in secret -- in a more gruesome, dangerous, and deadly form than ever!

Now, you might be wondering: If it has been going on for such a long time, why am I urging you to be so concerned about it today?

Because now, it is worse – far worse – than ever…

And for this particular group, that is because of what I call the Biden regime’s  “Hydra Heads of Economic Carnage” –

These are programs and proposals – trial balloons, and marker sets, if you will -- that have actually been floated over the past several weeks…

For the most part, they are so totally outrageous that we find ourselves inclined to think that these potentially catastrophic Hydra heads will quickly be chopped off – and sometimes they seem to be…

Or at least that’s what the politicians want us to believe.

But, let’s not kid ourselves. That’s not the way Washington works.

Because while we stare at the head on the ground… the political Hydra grows yet another – essentially the same disastrous program or proposal in a different gauge and guise.

And, yes, it is more gruesome, dangerous, and deadly than the one we thought we killed.

I have to tell you that if the Hydra Factor proposals I am about to very briefly discuss with you are allowed to manifest themselves …

Well, let’s just say I hope we are all taking to heart the incredible offshore personal asset protection and investment advice, we have been blessed to hear at this incredible conference.

Right now, there are three new devastating Hydra head proposals looming on the horizon with which the politicians thoroughly intend to wreak economic carnage –

And with each of them, the politicians and their lapdog media are saying to the public: “Oh, well, they’re really not that bad – don’t believe everything you see and hear… We’re just thinking out loud… Just making a couple of proposals… Don’t worry about it… Just move along.”

But, amongst themselves – in the backrooms, the cloakrooms and at the cocktail parties – they wink and nudge and say to each other:  “And, besides, once we get these Hydra heads on the table, we are going to so transfigure and transform them behind your back – that you won’t even know what hit you!”

Which means that if – following the lead of Greek legend – we don’t make a Herculean effort to stop them – or at least each defend our own personal financial interests – these Hydra headed transmogrifications are going to be inflicted upon us – in one incarnation or another…

And they will be devastating.

Let’s start with the Janet Yellen Hydra head trial balloon of a few weeks ago.

Remember this:

It was only supposed to hit “rich people” – of course, just like the original income tax in 1913.

But, let me read you the very apt description of this Plan – or “regime” as Yellen actually calls it – from the Mississippi Clarion Ledger, which actually had the gall to tell the truth:

The White House’s plan would require financial institutions and other providers of financial services to track and submit information on the inflows and outflows of every account above a de minimis threshold of $600 during the year — or any account that has an average of $50 worth of activity each month.

Of course, there was an uproar over this totally outrageous assault on privacy and attempt to have the government track every penny you earn, save, or invest – all for its own confiscatory purposes.

So what did the Biden regime do?

In typical Washington political fashion, they – and their media lapdogs – said that everyone in America just misunderstood. That it was just a passing idea. Nothing set in stone.

Then, thank God, folks like former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said no we didn’t just misunderstand – and we know what you are really up to -- so knock it off…

Let me read you her incredible tweet:

Let me get this straight: Biden wants the IRS to violate our privacy by collecting info on all financial transactions over $600 so they can stop really rich people from hiding money? Its just Big Brother trying to get more power to snoop on and control regular Americans.

Okay, so, then, the Biden regime, having been caught red-handed – twice – said, “Oh, well, you beheaded the Hydra… so we just won’t do it.”

And that’s a lie…

Because that’s where the Hydra Factor comes in.

The Yellen “American Families Plan” tax grab will now go into pre-determined remission – while the cleverly disguised Hydra sneaks in the back door with a new, secret, sinister head that is – once again – more gruesome, dangerous, and deadly than ever.

Oh, it will be thoroughly disguised – but it will serve the same perverse purpose.

Maybe the new Hydra head will reappear as a “revised” American Family Plan – with deceptively different weasel words…

Maybe it come in the form of an Executive Order – tersely worded and signed off on in the middle of the night.

Or maybe, just maybe – as is so often the case – the politicians will just hand off the Yellen Hydra head to the bureaucracy – the Deep State – and say, “Here, secretly enforce this through obscure regulations. And make sure the American people never find out until it is a fait accompli.

As we all know by now – that’s what the way they do it.

And that brings us to the second of The Three Hydra Heads of Economic Carnage that now presents a real and present danger.

And I will be quick – because I am almost out of time.

Recognize this:

Now, first of all, most of us likely did not know that IRS was in desperate need of “restoration.”

But, Pocahontas knows best – so her Hydra-headed bill triples the IRS budget from $10 billion to $30 billion a year

In order to send thousand and thousands of new IRS agents out across the land to bang on doors… go over ever return with a fine tooth comb… and make you pay up – you dirty slacker.

But, only if you’re rich, of course.

As always, only if you’re rich.

Do I think it will pass – at least in its present form.


But, it doesn’t matter, does it?

Because the Hydra head has already been raised, hasn’t it?

The trial balloon has been sent aloft… the mark has already been set.

And even if we lop off this Hydra head…

Well, they will grow another – even more secretive and sinister than the first.

And then, it will wreak its havoc.

You see, the politicians know that all they need to do is just get their Hydra head in the door… maybe even making it innocuous-looking…

And then as Biden said of his massive $3 trillion welfare bill several weeks ago:

“Just pass anything – and then like FDR, we’ll make it grow into whatever we want”…

Yes, that’s right, it will then be more gruesome, dangerous, and deadly than ever.

So, that is the Economic Chaos Hydra Head #2.

And how about #3?

Well, here you go:

That’s a very frightening Hydra head isn’t it?

Saula Omarovo graduated from the University of Moscow.
She wrote her dissertation in praise of Karl Marx.

She wants to abolish private banking and put all banking under federal control.

She wants the fed to control all personal bank accounts.

She wants the fed to set up its own stock portfolio – and short and long stocks as it sees fit.

She wants to bankrupt the gas, coal, and oil companies.

And, oh yes, she also wants to control cryptocurrencies.

Now remember, this is Joe Biden’s nominee to be the Comptroller of the Currency -- controlling all federally licensed banks, credit unions, and foreign banks operating in the US.

Do I think she’ll be approved? I don’t know.

Depends on how Manchin, Sinema, Romney, Murkowski, and Collins vote.
Remember, she only needs one.

But, really, the point is not whether she will be approved – it’s why she was ever nominated in the first place.

And that, as you might expect, goes back to the Hydra Factor.

You see, the goal of the politicians is to enter her absurdities into the public forum… Put them on the table… Send up the trial balloon… Set the mark.

And then, should that Hydra head fall…

Well, then, surreptitiously, secretly, behind our backs, when no one is looking…

The Hydra will grow yet another Omarova-like head – this time more cleverly disguised…

That is -- that’s right -- more gruesome, dangerous, and deadly than ever.

So that’s it.

That is where the Hydra Factor is rearing its ugly head today – even as the American people struggle desperately to try to recover from what their government has already done to them.

And as we meet here in Las Vegas to ponder and plan how to confront this levianthan.

And that’s why from a realpolitick perspective, this PW25 conference is so vitally important…

Because, like the gentleman here:

You need to fight the Hydra Factor tooth and nail, day in and day out…

Or as I suggest to the wonderful members of The Offshore Club on pretty much a daily basis;

You need to escape the vicious, voracious, insatiable government Hydra altogether – by putting together your Plan B Escape Route, and leaving the US for the good life at a great price in Central and South America.

Now, much, much more than ever.
biden by Jon Tyson is licensed under

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