The Better Part of Valor

Nobody actually knows who said, “Discretion is the better part of valor.”

But, whoever it was very likely lived to fight another day.

Not because they were cowardly. Not because they abandoned the field of battle, And certainly not because they took the easy way out. Far from it.

But because they wisely decided that there was no damn sense in their be “willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause”…

Especially when that “heavenly cause” turned out to be somebody else’s willful, woeful hell on earth.

And that is precisely where millions and millions of good, decent patriotic Americans are today as they face the decision as to whether to remain in the US and suffer the evanescence – or, perhaps, evisceration is a better word – of a once-great society…

Or make their move offshore and build – or, perhaps, rebuild is a better word -- a far better lives for themselves and those they love.

America today has fallen into the hands of a willful elitist minority who make no secret of their disdain for its once-proud history, its values, its traditions, and – to them – its thoroughly antiquated, even abhorrent, concept of E Pluribus Unum.

They embrace division as a means of control. And they eschew dissent as beneath their contempt.

And the Constitution? Well, as the National Archives now tells visitors, that trashy piece of political pornography is thoroughly objectionable and should be shamefully shunned. (Sound far-fetched? Check out the warning label the Archives has affixed to our once-beloved founding document.)

Now, is that really the kind of elitist, self-flagellating America in which good, decent Americans want to live? Or in which they want to raise their children? And upon which they want to stake their future?

Those are the questions millions and millions are now asking as they contemplate whether the better part of valor isn’t making their move – while they still can. They are looking to countries south of the border where America’s founding principles are still extolled as exemplary, rather than denounced as despicable by the ruling elite.

But, that’s just the beginning.

Even at the highest levels of government where the Constitution is not openly denounced, it is thoroughly disdained.

When the Supreme Court ruled that the Centers for Disease Control could not mandate that property owners allow tenants to live free because of the covid panic, the President of the United States denounced the ruling – and ordered the CDC and the police to ignore it. Robbing many elderly property owners of the income they needed to survive.

So much for the Separation of Powers. So much for the Constitution.

And when not one, but three separate federal courts ruled that the President’s dictatorial mandate ordering companies to fire anyone who objected to being injected with the minimally tested covid vaccine, the President once again denounced the courts – and ordered the firings to proceed apace.

So much for Checks and Balances. And, again, so much for the Constitution.

Throughout the US, gangs of murderous thugs are now allowed to invade stores and steal at will. Career criminals are allowed to freely roam the streets – and when arrested, released on laughably low bails (their laughter, not their victims). And in city after city, those charged with enforcing the law callously echo the written instructions of the LAPD to those preyed upon: “Cooperate and comply.”

Sports events are now radical leftwing political rallies. The entertainment industry specializes in ridiculing those who as one former president said still “cling to their Bibles.” The news media distorts rather than reports. And the social media kingpins ridicule and censor any who dare depart from the US government’s oppressive, authoritarian dictates. (Not to mention the obdurate problems of skyrocketing inflation and soaring taxes.)

That’s why millions and millions of Americans are now embracing the axiom that, indeed, discretion is the better part of valor.

But, really, in the face of such overwhelming decay and debauchery in what was once “the land of the free and home of the brave,” the truth is that, in this case, discretion actually is valor, isn’t it?

Being discrete enough to leave the decadent to their degeneracy and, in the words of Tennyson, “seek a Newer World” – and take your loved ones with you -- is the very definition of valor.

It is what made the pilgrims leave the Old World to set sail on uncharted waters. It is what made the pioneers blaze the Oregon Trail, brave the untamed wilderness, and “go west, young man (and woman).”

And it is the same valorous discretion that is encouraging and emboldening today’s pilgrims and pioneers to make their moves south of the US border to the good life at a great price – where freedom can once again ring loud and true.

Nothing more need be said.
Valor by Jaime Spaniol is licensed under

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