The Pilots Lead the Rebellion

Did you miss a flight this past weekend? Southwest Airlines cancelled 1,900 of them, causing many thousands of people to languish in airports, scrambling for a way out. There were typically no cars to rent. They had to take Ubers to the closest hotel, hoping for a room but it was often the case that the hotels were full. Yep, it was total chaos for many, and a public-relations disaster for the airline itself.

Basically, it was a disaster. And it could not have happened at a worse time. Airlines are struggling on every front, barely recovering from 20 months of hell. This only discourages travel and it costs billions.

So I drifted over the Twitter account to see what the airline was saying. They said many flights were cancelled and delayed due But this was also very strange because the weather map showed no signs of unusual weather at all. Clearly this was a lie. And anyone and everyone could see it.

Lies and Truth

And this little scene typifies life in America today. Public messaging these days is almost always a lie. The truth one has must tease out of clues. It must have been this way in the darkest times of the Soviet Union. All official sources explained away the disaster. You could only find out what was true by talking to people in whispers. Those whispers certainly do not translate into any honest telling within the mainstream press.

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Pilot by Kristopher Allison is licensed under Unsplash

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