The Top Five Reasons You Need to Escape the Coming Apocalypse

With every single day that passes, I am becoming more and more of a Caribbeanista (is that even a word?) Okay, let’s settle for a shameless sycophant.

And I want you to know that it’s not just because I think you will have much more fun in the sun, sand and surf south of the border. It’s also because of (okay, here comes the downer), I really want you to escape the coming American apocalypse.

Sorry, folks, but there are some things even your best friends will tell you.

So, let me give you my “Top Five Reasons You Need to Escape the Coming Apocalypse” – (and later this week, I promise to give you the Top Five Fantastic Reasons to balance out the ledger).  

Sound like a deal? Okay, then let’s get started…

The socialist Biden-Harris regime is determined to drain away every last dime you have. And I mean that sincerely.

At the federal level, they have already declared they intend to reimpose the costly Obamacare tax penalty… add another 20 percent tax increase on top of that… and increase your federal payroll taxes from 37 to 52 percent…

And once they pass their draconian Ocacio-Cortez $93 trillion Green New Deal, the tax tab will come to $60,000 per year, per household – including yours!

But, that’s just the beginning.

Politicians in state after state are saying that because of the economic devastation they caused with their covid plague, they also intend to raise your taxes – through the ceiling.

Perhaps New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said it best when he declared, “You’ll see tax increases… You’ll see dramatic tax increases that could hurt families and hurt the economy.”

Sound like something you care to look forward to?

No? Well, then, don’t wait for the tax ax to fall. Get out now!

The massive inflation bubble is about to burst.

You already know this, despite all of the government disinformation (that’s a nice way of saying “lies”). I’m sure you go grocery shopping just like my wife and I do – so you know that prices are already skyrocketing. And yet the politicians have  the gall to tell you, it’s just your imagination.

Well, tell that to the cash register.

But, as bad as it already is, it’s going to get worse.

The truth is, 40% of all of the dollars now in circulation have been printed up in the past 12 months alone. And with every fiat (as in counterfeit) dollar the government rolls off the presses, the value of that greenback in your pocketbook is worth less and less and less. And less.

Now, just in case you have any remaining doubt about the coming inflation catastrophe, here’s the full scoop from a recent AP article: “The Federal Reserve has announced a significant change in how it manages interest rates that could cause inflation to more than double.” (My emphasis; their admission.)

Need I say more? Please, don’t wait around until every dollar you have is worth less than a dime.

Book passage now.

The Washington kleptocrats are trying to play you for a fool.

And that is hardly surprising, is it? It’s what politicians do.

Remember George H.W. Bush’s “Read my lips, I will not raise your taxes”? And Barack Obama’s “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”?

Well, let me bring you up to date on their latest con game.

Right now, the Washington kleptocrats are about to pass their latest covid relief bill. They call it their “CARE Act.” Isn’t that touching?

But, the problem is, the only people they really CARE about are themselves and their corrupt cronies.

Just do the math.

They say they are going to spend $2.2 trillion to help those poor, downtrodden Americans hurt by the covid plague panic they manufactured.

Now, if you divide the number of Americans – 330 million – into the $2.2 trillion, it comes out to somewhere around $6000 per eligible individual.

But – but – each American is only receiving $1200. So, where is the other $4800 – the other 94% of the $2.2 trillion -- going? Well, it sure as hell ain’t to you!

A full $20,000,000,000 is going to the politicians’ favorite pork barrel bureaucracy – the post office. The post office! They can’t get you your mail on time. And they haven’t turned a profit since the Pony Express.

But, the government is going to make sure they get their a $20 billion bonus out of your tax dollars – just because… well, that’s what are friends for, isn’t it?

Another $30,000,000,000 of this bogus, sleight of hand “stimulus” is being handed over to the Department of Education. That’s 30 billion of your hard-earned tax dollars filling the bulging pockets of a bloated Washington “educational” bureaucracy that has never taught one child since the day it was created -- and has spent the last full year presiding over closed schools!

And, oh yeah, the politicians have set aside an additional $300,000,000 for the invading hoards of illegal aliens that Joe Biden has decided to allow to pour across our now unprotected borders. Your get $1200. They get $300 million. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

Do yourself a favor: While they’re coming in, you get out!

The politicians are never going to allow you to be free again.

I don’t like to talk about the politically motivated and orchestrated covid panic, so I am going to make this section short and to the point.

If you really believe that everyone around you is killing over from coronavirus, I respectfully urge you not to even read on. But, if you are one of those who really doesn’t care to be treated like a diseased vermin when there is not a damn thing wrong with you… Well, you need to get on the next plane out – because it is only going to get worse.

Joe Biden’s spokeswoman has now announced that he intends to make you wear your slave mask for another two years (and, in fact, double up). The governor of California has announced that he intends to continue the lockdown forever. That’s right, forever.  Because, in his words, “This is the new normal – so get used to it.”

How nice.

So, here are some suggestions for you if you would really like to actually be – and breathe – free:  

Want to grab your friends and take in a baseball game? Well, they’re still playing ball in Nicaragua. Want to go to the beach without wearing a stifling mask and sitting six feet from your friends and family? Head to Trujillo, Honduras. Want to eat in a restaurant without being forced to parade around like a lab rat? Check out TripAdvisor’s “Ten Best Steak Houses Buenos Aires.”

Okay, enough of that. The once-great “land of the free and home of the brave” has now become the land of the slave and the home of the fleeced.

And you deserve better.

If you don’t get your assets out soon, you may never be allowed to take them out at all. Period.

I’m sorry, but it’s true.

The politicians in Washington are already bandying about a “negative interest rate.” Do you know what that means? It means that when – not if – the Fed decides it needs to control inflation by reducing interest rates below zero, you will be forced to pay to keep your money in the bank!

Say what?! Yes, it’s true. Once negative interest rates kick, you will be forced to pay the bank to hold your money. At which point, they’ll rip it off like a fleecing machine. And your savings will dwindle by the day.

But, that’s just the beginning… of the end of your assets -- if you don’t get them offshore soon. Perhaps, very soon.

Section II of punitive Dodd-Frank Act contains a little-know codicil that allows the politicians to hand their big bank cronies a special big bucks bonanza any time they decide the rich aren’t getting rich enough. Simply put, Section II allows the banksters to seize 50% of your savings – at the drop of a hat -- simply by declaring that you are now a “stakeholder” rather than a depositor.

Their call. And your money. Lost and gone forever. Look it up – because, unfortunately, I am not making it up.

And, oh yes, there’s also this…

Senator Elizabeth Warren – a top financial advisor to Joe Biden – has already proposed a staggering 40% “exit tax” on those who try to leave the US in the future. Hasn’t become law yet. But with her fellow Democrats now in charge of the House, Senate, and White House… Well, as someone who spent more than 40 years in the bowels of Washington politics, I can tell you that it’s only a roll call vote and a stroke of the pen away.

So, that’s it. The unvarnished truth – that none of us wants to hear. It’s why every Monday on my new Offshore Club vlog – Coffee With Carib Carter -- I have a short section called “The Mad Max Report.” (Yep, as the name implies, it’s apocalyptic.)

But, please, notice I said “short.” Because the vast bulk of the show is totally focused on how you can move lock, stock and barrel to the Caribbean, where – in the words of Old Blue Eyes – you can “Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams, And Dream Your Troubles Away.” I’ll tell you more about it later this week. In the meantime, dust off that passport and strike up a little traveling music. And let’s do this thing!

Explosion by Luke Jernejcic is licensed under Unsplash

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