The Unraveling of Everything

There is so much dislocation, disorientation, and overall social, political, cultural, economic crisis all around us It can be difficult even to glimpse the whole, much less keep up with the chaos. Any single human mind can only comprehend a bit of it at a time. But somehow certain news items boil to the top as perfectly emblematic of the loss of trust in our times.

The top symbol for today is surely that the White House spokesperson Jen Psaki has come down with Covid-19 — or we should say tested positive. She says her symptoms are minor “thanks to the vaccine,” but there is no way to know that. The striking thing is that her masks, distancing, and jabs did not stop infection. Further, her fully vaccinated family is likely the source of the spread.

Even at this late date (we are 21 months into this nonsense), the most obvious truths are still being obfuscated by the likes of Psaki, namely that this is a mild sickness for nearly everyone and only a severe threat to those who are approaching the average age of death otherwise.

All data bear this out. It has been stable for the entire pandemic and yet you have the presidential spokesperson continue to act as if this virus were an equally mortal threat to the whole population, herself included. She has spent her whole tenure stigmatizing people who get Covid and claiming that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

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Covid by Martin Sanchez is licensed under Unsplash

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