Think Small

It’s time to ask yourself some tough questions – and give your answers some very serious thought.

At what point does a country become so large that the politicians no longer give a tinker’s dam about the people’s will… or the public weal?

At what point does it reach a size where the “leaders” feel safe in abandoning even the pretext of being public servants – and instead become oppressive masters?

In sum, at what point does the population become so disbursed and diverse that Jeeves the Butler transmogrifies into Simon Legree?

It’s hard to pick an exact census number, isn’t it?

But we may have a hint.

The last time I remember the US government seeming to be essentially trustworthy and largely representative was way back in the 1950s.

And the population then was 150,000,000.

Less than half of what it is today, at a staggering 340,000,000.

So, let’s do the math, taking the House of Representatives – which was intended to be America’s most representative body -- as an example.

(That’s as in “was” – not “is.”)

Today, the House has roughly 450 members, with each member of Congress “representing” about 600,000 constituents – whom they rarely sees and don’t care to.

In the 1950s, each member represented about 300,000 constituents.

Perhaps, at the 300,000 level, a band of good, decent, patriotic Americans may have had at least some chance of getting their congressmen’s attention and having a real and lasting impact.

But at the 600,000 level? Not a snowball’s chance in Hades.

And the politicians know it.

They understand the old adage: There is strength in numbers. Their strength at the expense of the people’s astronomical numbers.

The higher the number of people to whom the politicians have to answer, the easier it is for them to divide and conquer – playing to the most banal instincts of their base constituency in order to push their own perverse agenda.

And simply lying to the rest of us.

After more than 40 years at the highest possible levels as a Washington political operative, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that dividing and conquering is the end all and be all of the politician’s game.

At every level – national, state, and local.

They ply it with perverse joy. It pads their pockets. And keeps them in power.

The larger the constituency, the easier it is for the politicians to sew the seeds of deception and discord, pitting one group against another – until the anger, jealousy, bitterness, and greed they have engineered and engendered create a cacophony of chaos.

And they know that when dealing with massive numbers like 340,000,000 – or even 600,000, for that matter – there is very little way for good, decent people to effectively band together to overcome the lies, ameliorate the discord, and calm the chaos.

So, they deliberately and deceitfully pit young against old… black against white… rich against poor… the profligate and perverse against the good and decent… the vulgar, vicious, and violent against those who simply want to live at peace with their neighbors, as Americans once did in the land that once was.

It’s all a matter of numbers.

The higher the numbers, the greater the chaos.

That’s exactly the way the politicians want it.

And I avouch that is one of the primary reasons the seemingly inexorable joy of the 1950s has devolved into the deepening sorrow of the 2020s.

So, what, you may ask, what could possibly be the solution to this curse of overcrowding, this blight of bigness … this descent into decay?

To wit: Think small.

As in make your move to one of the tiny countries throughout Central and South America where you can still wrap your own hands around your owned destiny.

Where you don’t have to breach the palace gates to reach your public servants.   

Again, let’s do the math, this time taking Honduras as an example.

Honduras has a population of about 10,000,000.

And its Congress has 128 members.

That means, each member represents just 78,000 constituents.

All of whom live pretty much in close proximity in a country whose total size is just 44,000 square miles (as opposed to the US’s 3.8 million square miles).

In short, when a Honduran takes umbrage, his or her representative takes notice. When a Honduran says “Jump!” his or her rep responds, “How high?”

And when a Honduran feels a sense of outrage, it’s pretty damn easy to get in touch.

That’s why, in Honduras, you will never have to worry about the government forcing you to allow dirty old men to invade your little girl’s restroom…

You will never have to worry about the government condemning you as a “domestic terrorist” if you dare to “harbor anti-government or anti-authority sentiment” (as Joe Biden did with his January 2021 NSC executive order)…

You will never have to worry about the government ridiculing you as a “stupid son of a bitch” if you dare question its policies (as Biden did the Fox reporter who dared ask about Joe’s double-digit inflation)…

You never have to worry about the government creating a Ministry of Truth to monitor and control every word you are allowed to say or write (as DHS Secretary Mayorkas did)…

And you never have to worry about being locked away in a gulag with no access to an attorney and no right to a fair or speedy trial if you protest in front of the National Congress of Honduras building.

You see, there are some big advantages to thinking aren’t there?

As in being able to tell those who want to divide and conquer to cease and desist.

As in knowing the name and address of your own public servants – and helping them understand that they can’t run… they can’t hide… and they cannot escape your righteous wrath.

As in knowing what the politicians are trying to do behind your back – because you can keep them front and center.

Kind of the way that it used to be in the land that once was way back in the 1920s (US population was just over 100,000,000), when Calvin Coolidge insisted, “public office is a public trust.”

Clearly, long before America had become numbed by the numbers.

So, if you want to escape Big Government oppression and regain control of your own life, “Think Small” and stand tall – somewhere well south of the border.

Or, at the very least, as the final line concluded in the legendary 1959 VW ad above:

“Think it over.”
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