This video could save you more than a million dollars – and help you live the incredible life of your dreams!!!

Dear Offshore Club Friend,

Please allow me to introduce you to my neighbors…

So that they can soon become your neighbors, too!

In the words of the late, great Jack Paar (how’s that for showing my age), “I kid you not.”

That gorgeous mansion in the above screen shot – and in the video I am about to share with you below – is a mere seashell’s throw from my new home at La Ceiba Beach Club in Bonita Honduras!

Now, as you watch the video (it’s only about 6 minutes), I want you to keep three things in mind, okay?
  1. This home was custom-built by developer extraordinaire -- and our friend -- Chris Barrett (who has been interviewed on your favorite podcast, Coffee With Carib Carter, 😊 not once, but twice!)…
  2. While this home has already been sold – to a great couple who will one day soon hopefully be your new neighbor -- Chris has others very much like it throughout La Ceiba Beach Club…
  3. Plus, Chris can build one distinctly to your tastes, if that is what you so desire!
And, oh yeah, there actually is a fourth thing I want you to keep in mind (and I hope you are sitting down for this one):

This incredibly gorgeous, three-story custom-built mansion – with the roof terrace, veranda, and swimming pool -- cost a grand total of under $200,000!!!!!

Say what?

Yeah, say that! What would be a multi-million-dollar mansion on any oceanfront in America – is yours for under $200,000!!!!!

Need I say more?

So, watch the video below, jack up your dreams – then take my heartfelt advice and contact Chris at 561-252-5176:

And then, what do you say we join Chris and our new neighbors down on the beach for an old-fashioned fresh fish fry?!

Let’s do this thing!


Carib Carter Clews
The Offshore Cub
Honduran Home - La Ceiba Beach Club by N/A is licensed under N/A

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