Welcome to the One Percent

By the time you read this month’s column, the US presidential election likely will have run its course (thank God).

I say, “likely” because the truth is, if Trump wins, the radical left will challenge every vote cast and drag out the final decision until the Supreme Court rules in its favor. And if Biden-Harris wins, the American right will quickly throw in the towel – and the transition to full- blown Venezuelan-style Marxism will begin almost immediately.

The bottom line in all of this is that, unfortunately, it really doesn’t matter all that much what actually happens on November 3.

What does matter is that you need to be prepared to move offshore regardless of the official tally. And, in fact, I would strongly advise that you get your money out even before the moving vans appear at your front door. Why the doom and gloom?

Because, I must tell you that America as we all knew and loved it is I. Did you like the super-charged atmosphere of a country built on courage, nurtured on hope, and driven by supreme confidence that tomorrow will be even better than today? And the day after tomorrow almost utopian?

Well, kiss it goodbye.

The politicians have used their now thoroughly discredited covid hoax to destroy even the last vestige of individual freedom. And with it, the shadow of your smile. Along with everyone else’s who will now be forced to wear the Fauci death mask until the day they die (not of covid, I might add – since, according to the CDC, the real survival rate for that totally contrived plague is about 99.9 percent).

Remember everything you loved about being an American? Like “take me out to the ballgame”... let’s take in a movie... meet me at the mall... how about we all have dinner together? – you know, crazy things like that, all of which we now know thanks to the Lilliputian Fauci and the vermiform friends in the governors’ mansions will kill you within minutes if you even think of indulging in such foolhardy behavior!

I’m sorry to say this, but, it ain’t coming back, folks.

And, I’ll tell you why (just as I have told you before):

After nearly 50 years in Washington, I can assure you that politicians never, ever surrender power. Once they latch onto it, they deepen it, they broaden it, they salivate over it until it drips from their fangs, and they impose it upon all about (and in their venal minds, beneath) them with a ruthless zeal.

If you doubt that, just think of how many US courts have now ruled that the autocratic governors have exceeded their power – only to have the tyrants totally ignore the unwelcome rulings. As the Governor of New Jersey declared, “I didn’t give the Bill of Rights a second thought.”

Say what?!

And, please, when you should be packing up the moving van, don’t, instead, sit around hoping and praying that, well, the American people just won’t stand for this!

Instead, I have to ask you to just do the math.

A full eighty million Americans are, like me, Baby Boomers. And I can tell you that for the most part all that they really care about is preventing denture odor, adjusting their hearing aids, and trying desperately to live past their biblically allotted “three score years and ten.” And so, they “shelter in place” and cry in their Geritol in hopes of “Oh, my God, not getting the covid!”

Then there are another eighty million millennials. Let’s face it, they don’t like interacting with other humans anyway – since that would distract them from their cell phones. So to them, covering their faces, social distancing, and hiding out in mommy’s basement is a covid godsend!

That’s nearly half the population right there that is more than willing to surrender every freedom for which their forefathers fought and died in order to escape a manufactured miasma that the CDC itself finally admitted has actually killed less than 10,000 Americans.

Add in about 50 million children under the age of ten who are not capable of resisting government dictates... And you have a majority of the population that is more than willing to abjectly “yield the Vandal toll, and crook to his control” (to quote the Maryland state song).

So, what does this have to do with your moving offshore – ASAP?

Well, the fact is, you may be largely immune to death by covid – but you are not immune to total subservience.

Not when the vast majority of your friends and neighbors are supinely donning their masks, cowering in the corner, and begging the government to scrap the Bill of Rights and send them their Economic Impact stimulus checks.

So, in short, you are now faced with what many may consider a bit of a Hobson’s Choice...

You can either surrender your freedom – or choose your Escape Route.

For my part, I would lovingly suggest that you do the latter. And as you do, I urge you not to worry about covid lockdowns in the Third World countries to which I would encourage you to escape at this point in time. Yes, most of them do have lockdowns of one sort or another. But, no, they would not likely have a determinate effect upon you – because you will be among the Elite 1%.

And the elite quite simply do not abide by the same rules, regulations, and onerous dictates that you are going to be forced to increasingly live under as a member of the maltreated Middle Class here in the “New [Ab]Normal America.

After all, do you really believe that the Elite 1% in America is subjected to the same relentless covid restraints that you are forced to endure on a daily basis? Do you really think that Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg and their fabulously wealthy cronies run around in Fauci death masks, talk to each other through plexiglass partitions, stand in endless covid lines at the airport, socially distance from their other richie rich friends, and force their whelp to give up every single joy of childhood?

Not a chance. And you know it.

So, here is what I want you to do – and it is vitally important. I want you to keep in mind what Tony Robbins recently pointed out in one of his outstanding motivational talks: In any Third World country across the globe, you will be one of the Elite 1%.

That means, if you move to, let’s say Central America (which I strongly advise) you - in your largely gringo gated enclave - will likely enjoy all of the essential perks and privileges of the Elite 1% (yes, Bill, Jeff, Warren, and Markie) here in the US...

And, even more importantly, you will be free!

So, that’s it.

But, because I care about you, I hope and pray that you will heed what I have said above...

Because no matter who wins the presidential election, America is not coming back – and so I urge you not to hang around for the deepening, depressing demise. 

Carter Clews has long been considered one of America's foremost political operatives. He has worked on numerous major election campaigns, from the congressional to the presidential levels. And he currently serves as a strategic advisor to some of Washington's top political organizations and media groups. Contact Carter at CarterClews@EscapeArtist.com.

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