Why I'm considering leaving the United States

I've never considered leaving the country until now.

Comparison is a dangerous game. It makes you second guess yourself, fix your mindset on self-loathing and alienate your friends. Unfortunately, all we've seen in the last couple of months has been constant comparison. This poisonous activity causes strife, and Americans today are swimming in it. I've given some thought to moving countries, and here is why.

It's not the police brutality videos. It's not the civil unrest and the riots and the shootings. Those are all part of a problem that continues to plague us, racism. It's in everyday life, it's in generations as young as mine and as old as forever, it’s a constant nagging thought that minorities (especially African Americans) were the lowest on the totem pole in society.

Let's dig deeper though. It's more than just the nagging thoughts — it's the comments.

One Way by Brendan Church is licensed under Unsplash

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