Will an Old-Fashioned War Fix This?

Where are we in the trajectory of destruction? We find ourselves in the midst of a dangerous combination of trends that could become gravely existential. 

Consider the trends.

One, inflation is roaring and affecting absolutely everything, a mere six months after all elites assured us that this would never happen. Consumers have woken up to the reality, started bargain hunting and changed their spending habits, while wage earners have come to realize that their raises are being eaten away by the rising costs of everything. Inflation is a huge factor driving the second trend. 

Two, the Biden administration is deeply unpopular. Some polls show that approval has slipped to one third. This is not some short term trend and it is probably not fixable through any of the usual methods. These numbers represent deep loathing and an entrenched loss of trust, not only in the ruling party but the entire machinery of government, and not only at the federal level but in states too. 

Three, the biggest government gamble in many lifetimes undertaken to defeat a virus itself has been defeated. Anthony Fauci said as much during his Sunday TV pontifications. He said that Omicron cases are very high, but it doesn’t really matter that much since cases alone do not “disrupt society,” so pretty much everyone should move on and forget that the last two years ever happened. If you talk about this, you are by definition “fringe.”

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War by Stijn Swinnen is licensed under unsplash.com

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