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Biden’s Build Back Better Bill Increases Deficit By $791.6 BILLION Over Next Five Years And Requires No Social Security Number To Collect Child Tax Credits
So much for Biden’s claim that his signature Build Back Better legislation won’t cost a cent. The Congressional Budget Office scored the bill and showed an increase in the Federal deficit of $791,618 MILLION over the next five years. Here is the CBO’s spreadsheet. Read More.
PW25 Talk – Doubling Down On Bidenomics…Or The Hydra Factor
For more than 40 years, I have been a pretty well-known political operative in Washington. And I have to tell you that in all of the those 40 years plus, I have never seen a situation more dire – or dangerous – to our country, its economy, and our pocketbooks – than I am now seeing. Read More.
7 Must-See Places On Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast
Thanks to HBO’s series Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik may be the most famous city on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast — but it’s not the only one with clear, ink-blue water, centuries-old walls, and cathedrals, and a sunny Mediterranean climate. Read More.
Doug Casey on How Governments Use Global Crises to Take More Control
Throughout history, governments have used crises—real or imagined—to eliminate freedoms, expand the power of the State, and justify all sorts of things the populace would never accept in normal times. Read More.
How good is the internet service in Latin America?
It’s an important question – because the fact is, with remote working now firmly in place, I feel fairly confident that all of us would much rather work… Read More.
Getting Second Citizenship In Antigua
Antigua is a small island nation located in the Caribbean. It consists of two islands, Antigua and Barbuda. This nation enjoys beautiful, tropical weather year round. Antigua boasts a large tourism sector. In addition, English is the official language. Antigua is also host to one of the world’s more popular options for second citizenship. Read More.
The Unraveling of Everything
There is so much dislocation, disorientation, and overall social, political, cultural, economic crisis all around us It can be difficult even to glimpse the whole, much less keep up with the chaos. Read More.
Living In Costa Rica: Top 5 Locations To Consider In 2021
For many people, living in Costa Rica might sound like a pipe dream but this move doesn’t need to be complicated and it’s certainly worth the effort. Read More.
The Land of Lies
There is so much dislocation, disorientation and overall social, political, cultural and economic crisis all around us. It can be difficult even to glimpse the whole, much less keep up with the chaos. Read More.
How to Retire in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico has Caribbean beaches, historical ambiance and a vibrant culture. Perhaps the biggest draw for American retirees is that it’s easy to relocate to Puerto Rico. Here’s what you need to know about retirement in Puerto Rico. Read More.
Relocating To Belize: How To Make The Move – An Interview With Curtis And Cindy Evans
Belize is for expats with a thirst for adventure—those who have the courage and boldness to start a new life on their terms! Read More.
David Stockman on the GreenMageddon and What It Means for You
Politicians and their allies in the mainstream media, think tanks, lobbies and Big Business (with its cowardly sleep-walking leaders) are fixing to do nothing less than destroy the prosperity of the world and send global life careening into a modern economic Dark Ages. Read More.
Join Porter and me in Vegas!
From November 13 – 17, this world-renowned leading investment analyst could become your personal financial advisor. Here’s how! Read More.
Uxmal Vs. Coba Vs. Chichen Itza: Key Differences To Know Before You Visit
Three of the best-known Maya archaeological sites on the Yucatan Peninsula, Uxmal, Coba, and Chichen Itza. Read More.
You Will Pay for This, One Way or Another
You never wanted to live through such times. I didn’t either. Read More.

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