Carter L. Clews Headshot

Carter L. Clews

President, Offshore Club
Carter Clews is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading offshore living experts. As President of the Offshore Club (OSC), his mission in life is to lend a warm and welcoming hand to any and all who are ready to explore “The Good Life at a Great Price” in the wonderful world at large!

Born to an Italian mother, married to a Honduran native, and a self-described “global nomad,” Carter knows firsthand the feel and fabric of countries outside the US. And his ability to share that knowledge has astounded audiences worldwide. 

“My message to anyone who has two dimes to rub together and a hankering hair to once again breathe free is that the time has never been better to make your move offshore,” says Carter. “In fact, unless you are one of those people who loves higher taxes, inflated prices, and oppressive government rules and regulations, my advice, is don’t wait another day. Get out now, while the getting is good!”

Carter believes that the single biggest obstacle to Americans who want to escape to the immeasurable joys of an offshore life is quite simply, the fear of the unknown. And he does not take that lightly.

“My dad was a minister,” explains Carter. “Which meant that when I was a child, we moved just about every five years. So, I know how discomforting it is to be yanked up – time and again – from places where you feel comfortable and at peace… and suddenly be unceremoniously deposited in ‘faraway places with strange sounding names.’ 

“Yeah, at times, it was pretty scary. Especially when we ended up in inner city Baltimore. But here is what I found: Once you settled in, met the neighbors, and savored a little of the local substance, life was pretty darn good. My only regret was that we hadn’t done it sooner. And that’s what I want OSC Members to understand.”

Each Monday on his popular podcast, “Coffee with Carib Carter” (the nickname bestowed upon him while living in the Honduran outback), Carter shares his insights on what it’s like to live offshore—why life in the US is becoming increasingly oppressive, unaffordable, and, in fact, risky. And how you can now make the move offshore more quickly, easily, and economically than you might ever have imagined possible.

Plus, in each episode, he will share with you delightful, delectable offshore vignettes that will have you ready to leave your worries far behind you and head with him to the sunny side of life!  

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