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Attorney Joel Nagel

Global Wealth Fortress Report Host

Attorney Joel Nagel – Host of the Global Wealth Fortress Report and Chairman of Caye International Bank in Belize

Attorney Joel Nagel is the host of the Global Wealth Fortress Report, the managing partner and founder of Nagel & Associates, LLC, and the chairman of Caye International Bank. Through the Global Wealth Fortress Report, he has been able to share some of the expertise and knowledge that he has acquired through his years of experience both in the US and overseas as a lawyer, banker, and diplomat.

The Law Firm of Nagel & Associates, LLC

Attorney Joel Nagel runs a bespoke law practice concentrating on international legal structures and strategies. He is an expert in asset protection and estate planning for individuals as well as strategic planning for corporations. Through this law practice, he helps clients maneuver through the intricacies of how to best use products ranging from insurance policies, foundations, and trusts to residency visas and second citizenships. These services have proven themselves to be of particular relevance in the COVID-19 era when many countries restricted entry even to their own citizens, and mobility has taken on an entirely new dimension of value.

Caye International Bank

In addition to his law firm, attorney Joel Nagel also serves as chairman of Caye International Bank in Belize. Caye International Bank is an award-winning institution that works with clients from all over the world. Specifically, it was named by Wealth and Finance International as the 2019 Best Offshore Private Bank in Latin America, the 2018 Most Outstanding Offshore Bank in Central America, and Best Private Bank in Belize.

Joel Nagel believes it is especially prudent to hold an offshore account because of the privacy and stability that it affords. Belize is a particularly great location since its official language is English (the only such country in Central America), it is located within the U.S. Central Standard Time zone, and it has a common-law system that is familiar to American nationals.

In addition, Caye International Bank is not subject to capital or exchange controls, and clients can hold their accounts in a number of global currencies, such as the US or Canadian Dollar, the Euro, the British Pound, and the Swiss Franc. Joel Nagel has been instrumental in expanding the bank's services and reach, even leading a delegation from San Pedro to Iowa in 2019.

Academic Background

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Joel Nagel attended Allegheny College, where he majored in Political Science and German. He graduated with a law degree from West Virginia University and received an LLM from Georgetown University of Law. He also studied at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn, Germany and at The Hague Academy of International Law as a Fulbright Scholar.

Additional Offshore Experience

Attorney Joel Nagel helped secure and structure resorts in Nicaragua and Belize for American retirees. He also engineered the establishment of the first Central American and African bus distribution facilities for a bus line based in the US. Nagel later served as a diplomat at the UN's office in Vienna and as Belize's representative in Europe.

Listening to Joel Nagel

Besides hosting the Global Wealth Fortress Report, Joel Nagel enjoys public speaking and is featured often at many events. He has spoken at programs organized by The Money Expo, the Central American International Investment Symposium, the Overseas Radio Network (ORN), The Sovereign Society, Live and Invest Overseas, The Hermitage Forum, Stansberry Research, Simon Black, Real Estate Radio Guys, International Living, and Asset Strategies International. He also frequently writes about offshore investment. Attorney Nagel's work can be found in publications ranging from Forbes Magazine to the Oxford Club and Escape Artist.

Attorney Joel Nagel Speaking at Henley Global Conference in November 2018

Personal Background

Joel Nagel is married to Dr. Susan E. Nagel. They live in Sewickley, Pennsylvania and have seven children. Attorney Nagel is passionate about giving back to the community in places where he spends his time. In Belize, he is involved with numerous philanthropic projects. He organizes holiday toy drives together with Pastor Ian Zaldivar of Living Word Church and he has played a major role in the establishment of the Belize Academy of the Performing Arts (BAPA) with Sir Colville Young. Back home in Pittsburgh, he has served as president, district governor, and president's representative at local Rotary Club branches.