Rachel Jensen

Rachel Jensen

Offshore Marketing & Sales Expert, Offshore Club

With a background in biology and Spanish, and an original intent of continuing onto medical school, Rachel Jensen’s life took a 180 degree turn after her first medical mission trip to Nicaragua.

Post-college, Ms. Jensen joined the ECI Development/Teak Hardwoods team in 2012, starting as the organization’s marketing intern at the administrative offices in Managua, Nicaragua.  At the end of her 3-month internship period, she had to make a decision between accepting a full-time position with ECI, or chasing her dreams in Panama with the US Peace Corps.  She ultimately chose ECI Development.  Originally from the suburbs of New York, Ms. Jensen now calls San Pedro, Belize home. 

Today, Ms. Jensen is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for ECI Development, a regional development company based throughout Latin America in Costa Rica, Belize, Panama and Nicaragua. From the ground up, she has built and grown the sales and marketing department for the organization. Due to her strong passion of connecting folks with international real estate that meets their goals, she was awarded Sales Person of the Year for 4 consecutive years.  In addition, Ms. Jensen structured the Teak for Residency Program in both Panama and Nicaragua to assist those looking to pair up a residency with alternative options outside of their home countries.

Ms. Jensen became a resident of Panama in 2016, and today calls San Pedro, Belize home.  She thoroughly enjoys the Latin American lifestyle and is a strong believer in being global.  She begun diversifying in 2014 with an agricultural purchase, and then her first rental property at the age of 25 in Belize. She is often on the road educating folks at international events about the markets and opportunities abroad.

In 2017, Ms. Jensen was invited to be a founding member of the Rotaract Club of Ambergris Caye and was recently elected for the club’s Director of Professional Development.  Furthermore, Ms. Jensen is the co-founder of a bi-annual women’s retreat, “5 Days to Freedom,” helping guide women towards financial, spiritual and international freedom.  She was also invited to sit on the board of the Belize National Association of Realtors in July 2020.

Questions? Contact Rachel at rachel@offshore.club.