Wealth Manager & Principal, Innovative Advisory Group

About Kirk

Kirk Chisholm is a wealth manager and principal at Innovative Advisory Group. He has over 20 years of experience managing money for High Net Worth individuals and their families. He has successfully identified and navigated his clients through 2 bull markets and 3 bear markets using his “risk management first” philosophy. He has espoused a number of financial principals that will cause you to question your assumptions about what you think you know.

Kirk co-founded Innovative Advisory Group to address some of the most common challenges of investing that are not being addressed by the Wall Street or the wealth management industry. He specializes in risk management, traditional and non-traditional investing, and alternative investments held in self directed IRAs or 401ks. He is truly an outside the box thinker

Kirk is an experienced media personality. Kirk was acknowledged as the #7 most influential financial advisor on Investopedia’s top 100. He is the host of the popular podcast, Money Tree Investing, which discusses investing and personal finance. He is frequently quoted and interviewed by industry media outlets in print, audio, and video media formats. He writes for various industry publications and major media publications.

Topic: Creating Financial Resilience In A Time of Crisis: How to prepare yourself and your family for the risks ahead using risk management

Description: Whew, the election is over. Now we can go back to our normal lives… Well, not quite.

The risks ahead have nothing to do with the election. The political powers that be have no more power to stop what lies ahead, than they did for COVID. Political risk is only part of the bigger picture. You need to be prepared.

This discussion is about how to create financial resilience in your life so unforeseen consequences do not control your outcome and how to put you in a strong position to survive and thrive.

We will cover:

  • How to create resilience in the areas of economic, political, health, and financial.
  • Turning crisis into opportunity
  • Inflation vs Deflation – why everything you think about it is a wrong.
  • Why your investments need a little TLC.
  • How to turn Wall Street’s risk management tools on their head with tips from a professional gambler. 
  • What you can invest in today to preserve your wealth and grow it for the next decade.