CEO, Cryptohippie USA

About Paul

Paul Rosenberg is the author of the Free-Man’s Perspective newsletter, as well as a founder of a leading online privacy system, Cryptohippie. He has a broad range of interests and has been involved with cryptography projects since the 1990s.

Prior to this, his construction and engineering career saw him called as an expert witness in numerous legal cases and recruited as a consultant to a number of organizations. He developed and taught 19 continuing education courses for Iowa State University’s College of Engineering. He also co-founded the Fiber Optic Association and wrote the first ever
standard for the installation of fiber optic cables in buildings.

An author of more than 70 books, including A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, Production Versus Plunder and The Breaking Dawn, Paul is a frequent speaker at conferences.

Topic: Why Bitcoin? Because It Matches Your Values & Your Needs