Welcome to the Offshore Club

Your exciting new online destination for the home (or homes!) of your dreams… your new vacation getaway… or your virtual hideaway where the sun never sets on “The Good Life at a Great Price”!

As the President of the exciting new Offshore Club, I want to personally welcome you to what I hope will soon become your #1 destination for all things offshore.

As I tell my fellow OSC Team members, we are all about people helping people – and enjoying every second of it!

You see, at your Offshore Club, we do things a little differently than most organizations that focus on property sales and investment opportunities.

Oh, of course, we will absolutely help your find the offshore home of your dreams (for prices so low they’ll make your jaw drop!)… We’ll help you find offshore investments that will protect your assets with a sky-high ROI (like low risk, high return teak forests in Panama and Nicaragua!)…

We will absolutely help you get low-priced second residencies that will help you escape rising taxes, skyrocketing inflation, and increasing chaos on the US mainland.

And, we promise to guide you step by step to help you find that perfect second home, vacation getaway that comes complete with sun, sand, surf – and your cushy hammock gently swaying in the Caribbean breeze between your own arching palms.

And then, we will add in our special touch of helping you feel at home away from home – until you finally find the offshore home of your dreams!

You see, at your Offshore Club, we want you to get the full flavor, fabric, and feel of what it’s like to live “The Good Life at a Great Price” far from the madding crowd… close to nature at its pristine best… and in a laid-back ambiance where you can once again breathe free and easy – enjoying your life as it was meant to be lived.

How can I know – for sure – that you can have all of this, and more?

Because I have already been there, and done that.

In fact, my family and I own homes near beautiful La Ceiba in bonito Honduras…

And soon, I want you to join me there, idling away the hours at a quaint coffee shop, chatting with old and new-found friends, sipping your café con leche, and watching the gentle Caribbean rain soak the city’s well-worn streets...

I want you to walk with me down the bustling streets of centro Ceiba, where you can shop till you drop… barter like a local… and still have plenty of lempiras left over to come back tomorrow and do it all again…

And I want you to pause with me to savor the just-picked fruit from roadside stands, sweet, succulent – and fresh as the morning sun that ripened it on the branch.
Sound almost too good to be true?

Well, I can assure you that as a full-fledged Member of the Offshore Club, you are about to enjoy all of that – and more…

Perhaps, at first, virtually, as we bring it all to you in your daily Gazette newsletter and fun-filled video podcasts…

And then, I hope, live and in person as you join your Offshore Club Friends and Family in living “The Good Life at a Great Price” in your very own dream destination.

Let’s do this thing!

“Carib Carter” Clews
President, Offshore Club

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