Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.


Are you hoping to one day live or retire in a beautiful, safe, and affordable tropical location? Or maybe you've thought about having a Plan-B country of residence, in the event you need a change of scenery. Now, we know that the future is uncertain, but certainly your best course of action to prepare and protect yourself is to obtain a second residency. 

Watch the FREE recording of our presentation where we explored easy options to ensure your most important asset is protected, yourself. This webinar will help you identify which destination makes the most sense for you and your loved ones to begin exploring. Living in such an uncertain world, doesn't having peace of mind for you and your loved ones just make sense?

Become one of the many savvy and like-minded folks who are exploring their options and taking advantage of the opportunities now. 

During this webinar, we will review: 


Second Residencies 101

Right now, folks ranging from young entrepreneurs to retirees are moving to foreign countries for various reasons, whether it is to live comfortably at a low price, to escape the economic hardships in the United States, or just to experience a new culture. For a majority of countries, it is not necessary that a second passport be obtained in order to live abroad. Instead, a person may acquire a residency card, allotting a specified amount of time for his/her stay in that specific country.


Belize is the only country in the region where English is the official language and has both an economy and currency that are strong and stabilized. With close proximity to the United States, Mexico, and Central America, this country is perfect for anyone looking to live in a relaxed, tropical paradise.


Ever thought of calling the new surf and travel capital of Latin America your home? Well, now is your chance to live in one of the safest and most affordable destinations in the region, Nicaragua. Enjoy amazing Pacific Coast sunrises, delicious Latin inspired cuisine, and more!


Panama is an excellent choice for a second residency. It is a surprisingly modern nation, especially the capital, Panama City. The country itself has a very strongly performing economy, and the nation frequently ranks as having one of the highest satisfaction of living ratings in the entire world! It is also conveniently located to both the United States and Canada.

Your Webinar Hosts

Rachel Jensen

Vice President of Sales, ECI Development

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ECI Property Consultant, ECI Development