Secure Your Freedom While You Can

Do you have a Plan B for when the government takes control of your life? What have you done to protect your freedom?  How do you plan to escape now that everything is going sideways?

Take action today and save yourself the concern by obtaining residency in another country right now!

Offering one of the easiest and most popular residencies in the world right now, Panama's Friendly Nations' Visa offers you the chance to easily secure your freedom.   

IMPORTANT: What's Changing About The Friendly Nations Visa?

Beginning in August 2021, Panama’s Friendly Nations residency program will require a $200,000 investment and only grant a 2-year temporary residency permit.

If you apply prior to August 5th, you’ll only need to invest a minimum of $10,000 and receive a permanent residency right out of the gates. The time to act is now.

The specific changes to the Friendly Nations Visa law are as follows:

  1. Be employed in Panama by a legal Panama Corporation with a formal labor contract, and a work permit.
  2. Purchase a real estate property with a minimum value of US$200,000 (bank financing is permitted).
  3. A 2-year temporary residency will be issued, after which the applicant may apply for permanent residency. 

IMPORTANT: For anyone who has already submitted their applications for residency under the Friendly Nations program and is in process, or those who submit their applications before the 5th of August 2021, they will be grandfathered under the previous Friendly Nations law requirements.

As a refresher, the Friendly Nations Visa offers an opportunity to become a permanent resident of Panama for investors and entrepreneurs from selected countries, including the USA, EU countries, Canada, and many others once an investment of over $10,000 has been made in the country. This residency is permanent and required that holder be in the country of Panama for only 1 day every 6 years. 

If residency is your ultimate goal and reason for owning Teak, then plan your trip down to Panama over these next couple of months. If you don't, you will be subject to investing additional funds to reach that $200,000 threshold to apply for residency. 

If protecting your liberty with a 2nd residency is important to you, CLICK HERE to send us an email.


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