Surrounded by amazing turquoise water and a spectacular mountain range. Every single residence has a beautiful view of the Caribbean. Almost 2 mi (3 km) of beachfront surrounded by pineapple fields. All of this just 4 mi (7 km) from the Goloson International Airport and 42 mi (68 km) from Roatán.

Expertly designed, these homes are the right blend of eco‑friendly features, modern design, and practicality. Balanced between modern comfort and a green lifestyle. Ownership at The Reef Eco-Village greatly decreases your cost of living while still enjoying modern conveniences.

Why Live at The Reef Eco-Village?

  1. Green Roofs — Roofs covered in vegetation provide a wonderful aesthetic to the home and serve a practical purpose. Increases home’s R Value by creating an extra thermal barrier and directly lowering home’s heating and cooling requirements.
  2. Hybrid Solar Systems — The homes will run off solar power when available and will automatically switch to the grid when solar is limited. These homes can produce more for less thanks to the sunny tropical climate year‑round.
  3. Inviting Common Areas — Designed to bring a sustainable community together, with ocean front pools, a live music stage, artisan market, and yoga palapas
  4. Grey-water Recycling — Water from the shower and kitchen is reused in the garden, saving valuable water and money.

Discover Cozy Home Living in Latin America

Ownership Opportunities Starting Under $92,900

Take charge of your lifestyle and live in a community of like-minded people who consider independence and self-reliance some of the most important aspects of life. 

BONUS: Ask us how you can obtain a second residency through ownership of a cozy home!

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