Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 13

Show Notes

Today, your host Carib Carter has a full presentation of valuable information about living offshore in beautiful places in the Caribbean. Today, Carib Carter focuses on Mexico with a special guest who has made a successful transition from the congestion, over-priced cities in the Northern United States to a gorgeous and affordable lakefront location that just so happens to be full of friendly Expats. You’ll then gain some very practical and real advice from the master of development in foreign countries, Mike Cobb. Mike shares what to look for when dealing with a developer and what to do when certain challenges may occur. Enjoy your stay at The Offshore Club and thanks for stopping by!

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Open Mike | Episode 04

Offshore Club’s very own Mike Cobb shares with us how living the good life at a great price in affordable investment communities in beautiful countries like Nicaragua and Belize has enriched his family and how it can do the same for yours. 

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Roving with Rachel | Episode 05

Welcome to the Offshore Club’s Roving with Rachel! Rachel reveals her top reasons why she’s chosen to live overseas on the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye just offshore of Belize. By the time Rachel is finished describing the luscious shorelines and the freshest of fruits available all year round, you'll be ready to pack your bags and make the leap to the good life at a great price!

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The Family Man | Vlog 05

Offshore Club’s very own Patrick Hiebert shows you the vivid and lush backyard you can have when you make the move to the good life at a great price in tropical locations not far from where you are now. Join Patrick on his quest to help you find your dream home!

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 05

On this special episode, Carib Carter interviews Dan Taylor, an Expat and longtime resident of beautiful Roatán Honduras.

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She is upfront, personable, honest and delightful -- and in this episode, our own Rachel Jensen answers your three top questions about living in Belize (and no, one of them is not, "How soon can you get me a place?).

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The Family Man | Vlog 04

On today’s episode of The Family Man, host Patrick Heibert shares with us how living the good life in tropical places can include helping the environment and wildlife flourish. Patrick shows us how a group of his neighbors have gathered to help sea turtles on beaches throughout Nicaragua.

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Today, Alyssa sits down with Rachel, an expat mom living in Mexico with her young family and loving it … and proving that young families CAN flourish in good health and safety outside of the United States.

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 04

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Offshore entrepreneur extraordinaire shares his exciting insights into how the internet has changed offshore living.

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Roving with Rachel | Episode 03

Roving Rachel takes time out of her busy schedule as a young single, successful exec in beautiful Belize to interview entrepreneur extraordinaire Mike Cobb. And does he have a story to tell! In 2000, Mike bought 3 1/2 miles of breathtaking Nicaragua beachfront (yes, 3 1/2 miles!).

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The Family Man | Vlog 03

When is a so-called "tiny home" a MINI-MANSION? Well, as the Offshore's own "Family Man," Patrick Hiebert shows you up close and personal, it's when you live in a warm-weather tropical paradise where your own personal living space includes the breathtakingly beautiful great outdoors. Join Patrick as he takes you on a delightful tour of OSC's beautiful Caribbean cozy homes where everything you need is within your reach -- and everything you want is right outside your door, out on the veranda, or upon the sun-drenched deck.

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The Expat Mom | Vlog 03

Today, the ever-zestful Expat Mom, Alyssa Esquivel, takes us with her on a fun-filled trip to her favorite Ambergris Caye fresh fruit and vegetable grocery store.

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 03

In this informative and entertaining episode of Coffee With Carib Carter, our ebullient host takes us for a wild ride on the "Chicken Bus"... Exposes the American politicians for ripping off 96% of your money...

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Open Mike | Episode 02

Offshore ambassador at large Mike Cobb interview's ECI's Rachel Jensen — the delightful host of the Offshore Club vlog "Roving With Rachel" — about incredible investment opportunities in beautiful Belize.

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Roving with Rachel | Episode 02

How To Find Peace of Mind in Panama. Worried about the direction in which the Biden-Harris administration is taking the country? Skyrocketing prices... soaring taxes... every day a new Executive Order further restricting your personal freedom -- they are nobody's American Dream come true are they?

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