Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 83

Show Notes

 Ever wonder what life is really like on beautiful, idyllic, pristine and copasetic Roatan Island? The perfect Caribbean getaway where the worries of life aren't even allowed to wade ashore? Well, in today's episode of Coffee with Carib Carter, you'll learn all about it from the "Honorary Mayor of Roatan Island," who has lived there for nearly two decades, built one of the Caribbean's most beautiful residential resort communities, and opened up a plethora of successful businesses. His insights and advice could soon have you island bound! Plus, Carib Carter takes us on a whirlwind visit to Panama and provides some life-changing advice from the legendary Les Brown!


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The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 21

No one has more expertise in investing offshore than the "Offshore Oracle," Mike Cobb. After all, along with his partner, Joel Nagel, of assets protection fame, Mike owns six separate offshore residential resort communities -- and he's adding more all of the time. That's why his advice in this episode -- right on the heels of his major Accredited Investor conference in beautiful Belize -- is so important to you. He can't share everything he told the ACs (after all, it is proprietary!), but what he does share is the kind of information that can turn a dime invested into a dollar earned. So, tune in and cash in!

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The Global Wealth Fortress Report | Episode 40

In today's episode, America's #1 asset protection attorney, Joel, shares with viewers the exact same advice that he gave earlier this week to an August gathering of Accredited Investors in Belize. The Assets Oracle sums up that advice in a single word to the wise: Diversify. And he also offers a  sagacious warning to those who continue to rely upon a strong dollar: This, too, shall pass. The US economy is in a tailspin. Joel is steering his clients through the turmoil. And in this podcast he does the same for you.  

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Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 10

Do you have a country dream relocation list? What’s on it? Is it lifestyle, culture, connection, community, safety, freedom, or cost of living? Maybe it’s all the above. Maybe you wonder if it is even possible to have the life you seek in another country. Well, it is. In this episode, Charlotte doles out personal experiences and conversations she’s had with expats. What is the real lifestyle like for an expat and how do they feel about their situation? There’s a lot of questions here, so let’s get them answered today.

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 61

Brace yourself for this one! Because in this episode, Carib Carter puts on his Blue Collar hat and goes full Mad Max. Our normally upbeat, pollyannaish host wipes the smile off his face -- and may wipe it off yours as well. He tackles head-on what he calls "America's War on the Middle Class"as proof positive as to why now is the time for you to make your move to "the good life at a great price" south of the border. And he even shows you a "Thousand Dollar Listing -- Caribbean" in sandy, surfy Sosua, DR that may have you reaching for your passport -- and your sun tan lotion!

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The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 20

Suppose you had $250,000 -- that's it, en toto -- and you wanted to get the maximum return on it in offshore investments. You knew you wanted to get the maximum return on it, with both increased equity and solid cash flow. Where would you go and what would you do? On today's intriguing edition of Mike Cobb's Offshore Investment Report, the renowned "Offshore Oracle" gives you not just one, but three, options for building your nest egg when the eagle flies!

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The Global Wealth Fortress Report | Episode 39

Wall Street is collapsing. The economy is cratering. And some of what once were solid, long term investments are now deepening sinkholes. So what's a person to do to protect his or her assets? Well, the Assets Oracle, America's #1 asset protection attorney, Joel Nagel, knows. And he tells all in this exciting, important -- and urgent -- edition of Joel Nagel's Global Wealth Fortress Report! So, turn in, take notes, and find out where the smart money is going to protect itself -- and make more!

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Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 9

It is important to understand the culture of the country where you seek to reside, and to pursue to understand your place within that culture. Mexico is a culture with strong family ties. It’s not uncommon to see grandparents hanging with teenagers. Entire generational families will spend Sundays together having a picnic, enjoying each others company, and teaching life lessons to the children. Charlotte shares what she witnesses spending a Sunday morning and afternoon on the Malecon in Chapala, Mexico. The topic of safety in Mexico, something that is on the mind of many, enters the conversation. Hang on as we also hear some exciting news received by Charlotte and her husband.

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 60

In today’s captivating episode our ebullient host leads with a blockbuster interview that is guaranteed to stir up memories and conjure up hopes. It’s the first of a new series of “Old School” interviews – this time with Baltimore TV and radio legend Frank Luber. Why? Because once you start remembering how enjoyable, warm, friendly, and careFREE (with the emphasis on FREE) life once was in America – and you realize that it still is south of the border… Well, chances are you will start putting your Plan B Escape Route into place! And just to top it all off, Carib Carter shows you a “Thousand Dollar Listing – Caribbean” that may well be the best investment you will ever make. So, tally ho!

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The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 19

Business Insider reports that the number of Americans looking to move offshore has tripled over the past three years. But, Mike Cobb -- the renowned Offshore Investment Oracle -- says that is an understatement. And in fact, it really has skyrocketed by a factor of five -- and it continues to explode. In this episode, you'll find out why. Plus, you'll learn why -- for better or worse. And what that means to you! Got a Plan B? Well, Mike says it may be time for a Plan A. He tells you how!

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The Global Wealth Fortress Report | Episode 38

In this incisive episode, Joel Nagel -- America's #1 asset protection attorney -- helps you take the "crypto" out of cryptocurrency. He busts the myths -- and explores the means for you to determine which digital currencies are best for you! Will algorithm cryptocurrencies remain strong? Or is it time for you to take a serious look at some of the new, emerging commodity backed cryptos? Still stuck in dollars when you know it's time to dial up some digital? The Assets Oracle has the answers. So tune in and take notes!

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Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 8

Instead of thinking outside of the box, get rid of the box all together. When looking for a new place to live, especially in a new country, there are so many aspects to consider. Daily functions you would never give a second thought of in your home country can prove to have significant impact. This week, Charlotte’s in a new location and she compares Ajijic to Chula Vista. Two separate and quite different communities in Mexico sharing the same wonderful area on the north side of Lake Chapala. A taboo topic comes up that may be a make or break for you when you are searching for your dream location.

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 59

It is “Mail Call” on Coffee with Carib Carter – which means the man the Free Press group called “America’s #1 offshore expert” answers the most frequent queries from podcast viewers “straight from the shoulder – and the heart.” Want to know the very best place in all of Latin America to move to or invest in right now? Carib Carter gives you his read on it – backed up by facts and stats. Wondering where you can live free in Latin America without constantly kowtowing the “Covid Cops”? Carib Carter tells you – right down to the neighborhood. Looking for a spot way, way off the beaten path where most people couldn’t pick out on a map if you pointed to the spot? Then, Carib Carter shows you the home of your dreams.

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The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 18

In this episode, Mike Cobb -- the "Offshore Oracle" -- takes us inside ECI Development for an up close and personal look at the Caribbean's #1 developer of residential resort communities. You'll learn all you need to know about "savings, service, income, and security" wherever -- and whatever -- you buy in Central and South America. So, if you are at all concerned about offshore equity and cash flow, this show was made with you in mind!

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The Global Wealth Fortress Report | Episode 37

On today's episode of Global Wealth Fortress Report, the legendary "Assets Oracle," Joel Nagel, takes us on a whirlwind tour of savvy tour of where best to protect your funds -- including gold, Bitcoin, and perhaps even El Salvador. El Salvador?! Yep, you got that right. And should you have any doubt, "America's #1 Asset Protection Attorney" tells you where to find an incisive magazine article he just wrote that lays it all out for you!

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Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 7

Travel offers wonderful opportunity to plan a trip in less-known places, experience more possibility, to wander, have unusual encounters and best of all, to make memories. This week, Charlotte shares some of her favourite outings in Ajijic, Mexico. Scouting out new places to live can be daunting, especially when trying to learn the local language and find the best places to buy food. Enter the street market where fresh veggies, fruit, and meats are available for a third of the price in Canada or the United States.

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