Leslie At Large | Episode 3

Show Notes

This week Leslie shares what a normal Sunday looks like in Nicaragua exploring around the local communities. It’s always great to leave the gates of Gran Pacifica and spend the day checking out other areas.  Come experience the fishing village of Masachapa where she shares about the fish market and having the “Sunday Soup”. The next stop is off to San Rafael to buy fresh fruits and veggies at the mercado. There may be a few unexpected stops along the way. You never know what you will see while driving in Nicaragua. It’s one of Leslie’s favorite things about exploring this country.  And of course, the perfect way to end the day is to watch the sunset and enjoy a great meal and drinks at the SeaSalt restaurant located at Gran Pacifica.

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The Global Wealth Fortress Report | Episode 38

In this incisive episode, Joel Nagel -- America's #1 asset protection attorney -- helps you take the "crypto" out of cryptocurrency. He busts the myths -- and explores the means for you to determine which digital currencies are best for you! Will algorithm cryptocurrencies remain strong? Or is it time for you to take a serious look at some of the new, emerging commodity backed cryptos? Still stuck in dollars when you know it's time to dial up some digital? The Assets Oracle has the answers. So tune in and take notes!

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Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 8

Instead of thinking outside of the box, get rid of the box all together. When looking for a new place to live, especially in a new country, there are so many aspects to consider. Daily functions you would never give a second thought of in your home country can prove to have significant impact. This week, Charlotte’s in a new location and she compares Ajijic to Chula Vista. Two separate and quite different communities in Mexico sharing the same wonderful area on the north side of Lake Chapala. A taboo topic comes up that may be a make or break for you when you are searching for your dream location.

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 59

It is “Mail Call” on Coffee with Carib Carter – which means the man the Free Press group called “America’s #1 offshore expert” answers the most frequent queries from podcast viewers “straight from the shoulder – and the heart.” Want to know the very best place in all of Latin America to move to or invest in right now? Carib Carter gives you his read on it – backed up by facts and stats. Wondering where you can live free in Latin America without constantly kowtowing the “Covid Cops”? Carib Carter tells you – right down to the neighborhood. Looking for a spot way, way off the beaten path where most people couldn’t pick out on a map if you pointed to the spot? Then, Carib Carter shows you the home of your dreams.

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The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 18

In this episode, Mike Cobb -- the "Offshore Oracle" -- takes us inside ECI Development for an up close and personal look at the Caribbean's #1 developer of residential resort communities. You'll learn all you need to know about "savings, service, income, and security" wherever -- and whatever -- you buy in Central and South America. So, if you are at all concerned about offshore equity and cash flow, this show was made with you in mind!

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The Global Wealth Fortress Report | Episode 37

On today's episode of Global Wealth Fortress Report, the legendary "Assets Oracle," Joel Nagel, takes us on a whirlwind tour of savvy tour of where best to protect your funds -- including gold, Bitcoin, and perhaps even El Salvador. El Salvador?! Yep, you got that right. And should you have any doubt, "America's #1 Asset Protection Attorney" tells you where to find an incisive magazine article he just wrote that lays it all out for you!

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Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 7

Travel offers wonderful opportunity to plan a trip in less-known places, experience more possibility, to wander, have unusual encounters and best of all, to make memories. This week, Charlotte shares some of her favourite outings in Ajijic, Mexico. Scouting out new places to live can be daunting, especially when trying to learn the local language and find the best places to buy food. Enter the street market where fresh veggies, fruit, and meats are available for a third of the price in Canada or the United States.

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 58

Welcome to the first-ever Coffee with Carib Carter theme show! And the theme is going to take you by surprise -- and blow you away. What is it? Well, can you sing, "Everybody's going surfin' -- surfin' Central A"? That's right surfing in Central America! And as you will hear in the CWCC exclusive interview with world-class surfer Joey Spicoi, it is absolutely, positively some of the very best surfing in the world. So, "let's go surfin' now, everybody's surfin' now, everybody's learnin' now, on a surfin' safari with me" to sunny, surf-crazed south of the border!

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The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 17

What if you could find a paradise island -- no, make that an archipelago, as in nine islands -- where the weather is perfect all year round... the people are warm, welcoming, and friendly... the food is scrumpdillyicious... and the scenery is to die for? Well, the good news is that the venerable Offshore Oracle, Mike Cobb, already has. It's called the Azore Islands. It's off the coast of Portugal in the gorgeous Pacific. And in this episode Mike tells you all about it -- including why the investment guru has already begun work on a picturesque "Mike Cobb Community" -- with all of the amenities. So, soon, you have a place to enjoy the paradise island life of your dreams!

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The Global Wealth Fortress Report | Episode 36

In today's incisive episode, America's #1 asset protection attorney takes you behind the scenes to learn what's involved in making absolutely certain your offshore property has all of the legal protections you need for a guaranteed safe and secure home. Whether you're buying a wilderness one-off or a million-dollar mansion in an exclusive community, you need to make sure all of the legal docs are properly signed and sealed. And today, you'll learn how!

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Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 6

Dreaming of an escape? You are not alone. When the door opened for Charlotte to break from Canada’s clutches, she took it and she’s been sharing her personal journey with us ever since. This week, Charlotte takes us to the streets of Ajijic, Mexico where she celebrates Holy Week with the locals. Discover what she did and did not find. Plus, Charlotte’s got an exciting announcement to make about a VIP she interviewed for the magazine she writes for and edits, Escape Artist Insiders. Spoiler alert: it involves the world’s newest micro-nation that could be the answer to the freedom you seek!

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 57

Ever dreamed of owning your own oceanfront Caribbean resort -- complete with three story manor home overlooking the Sea... five (count 'em, five) beautiful bungalows for guest rentals... and a beautiful seaside restaurant? Well, in today's intriguing episode, Carib Carter tells you how you have all of that -- and more -- for mere pocket change! Plus, he interviews financial guru Romulus who reveals how you could make 25% stock market ROI year after year!

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The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 16

Perhaps no one has more intriguing insights what could well be the future of cryptocurrencies than the Offshore Oracle, Mike Cobb. More than 25 years ago, Mike pioneered offshore property investment with his pace-setting Caribbean residential resort developments. Now, he is taking the lead in creating the crypto/offshore property nexus at El Salvador's Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador. Tune in for Mike's take on what you could have in store!

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The Global Wealth Fortress Report | Episode 35

The US dollar's fall from international grace -- is it now not a question of If?, but of When? Have US sanctions backfired on the American economy? Is it time to protect your own assets from worldwide reaction to dollar hegemony? On today's Global Wealth Fortress Report with America's #1 asset protection attorney, Joel Nagel, provides the answer you need now! Plus you'll get his latest read on the cryptocurrency phenomenon. And you'll learn about the gold standard for savvy investors. Always and only on GWFR!

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Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 5

Take a step out of mediocrity and tune in to the inspirational and educational series Charlotte’s Wandering Web! This week, we learn about Easter traditions and festivals in Ajijic, Mexico. Gather along the cobblestone streets with locals to celebrate and enjoy re-enactments for Holy Week. Charlotte also shares what she discovered on a real estate tour including cost of living and housing. Carter almost fell off his chair when she revealed the price of a monthly electricity bill for a solar-panelled house in Mexico.

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 56

Today’s exciting episode of CWCC features one of America’s leading economists, Dr. Larry Hunter, giving us the inside scoop on what’s really happening with the American economy – and what it means to you! Plus we take a trip to the beautiful shores of Banderas Bay, Jalisco, Mexico for the beachfront bungalow of your dreams – at a pocket change price and we take an intriguing look at why Doug Casey’s “Freedom Gap” could – and, perhaps, should – have you putting your Plan B Escape route together pronto!

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