Leslie At Large | Episode 3

Show Notes

This week Leslie shares what a normal Sunday looks like in Nicaragua exploring around the local communities. It’s always great to leave the gates of Gran Pacifica and spend the day checking out other areas.  Come experience the fishing village of Masachapa where she shares about the fish market and having the “Sunday Soup”. The next stop is off to San Rafael to buy fresh fruits and veggies at the mercado. There may be a few unexpected stops along the way. You never know what you will see while driving in Nicaragua. It’s one of Leslie’s favorite things about exploring this country.  And of course, the perfect way to end the day is to watch the sunset and enjoy a great meal and drinks at the SeaSalt restaurant located at Gran Pacifica.

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Imagine a brand new country... on a beautiful island... tucked away in one of the most gorgeous regions of Eastern Europe. Well, imagine no more -- because it is about to become a reality. And soon, you will actually be able to own a home there -- for less than you ever imagined possible. To make matters even better, the renowned "Offshore Oracle," Mike Cobb -- the man whose Caribbean residential resort communities set the standard for luxurious living -- is helping advise on its development. Tune in to learn more!

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Poise is not hasty and does not boast but rather depicts a lion roaming the savannah. That’s what Charlotte portrays in this week’s episode of Charlotte’s Wandering Web as she searches for the best destinations to live. How does she travel with so much confidence? We’ve been following Charlotte beginning in Nicaragua and now through different parts of Mexico. This week, learn about her new location in Ajijic. Could this be her newfound forever home?

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Hockey great Wayne Gretsky, when asked what made him one of the greatest players in NHL history replied, "Most players go to where the puck is. I go to where it's going to be." One of the key attributes that makes Mike Cobb the investment world's "Offshore Oracle," is his rare ability to predict where the smart money is going. In this "Offshore Investment Report" compilation, we take a look at some of the recent economic predictions Mike and his co-host, Carib Carter, have made. It's the Oracle at his best!

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The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 13

On today's episode of Mike Cobb's Offshore Investment Report, the Offshore Oracle gives us his four top rules for investing -- at home and abroad. Still hoarding cash? Mike lays out why you are losing big time by the day -- and how you can turn that loss into a gain. Wondering whether to start small or go big? Mike tells you what he did -- and why you just might want to follow suit. Staying within your "circle of competence"? Staying in the here and now, or focusing on the future? Tune in for Mike's take on the smart money approach to both. The famed Oracle of Omaha may be beyond your reach. But the Offshore Oracle is now as close as a click away!

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Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 2

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 53

Welcome to Coffee with Carib Carter – as our inimitable host takes us from oil and mineral rich Honduras (believe it or not, there’s gold on them thar beaches!)… to the vineyards of San Rafael, Argentina (where a gorgeous home in a 12-acre vineyard could soon be yours)... and all the way to Secaucus, New Jersey (youse guys a gonna love dis). Imagine what could well be the investment opportunity of a lifetime, combined with the idyllic home of your dreams, with the laugh of the day – well, it’s all there, always and only on CWCC. Oooooh!!!

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The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 12

The incredible "10% Factor" -- that's what today's Mike Cobb's Offshore Investment Report is all about. Imagine living in a Caribbean paradise for about. In short, how you can live the life of your dreams -- in the home of your dreams -- for about 10% of what you would expect to pay in the US. Or even less. Gran Pacifica, here we come!

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The Global Wealth Fortress Report | Episode 32

With April 15 only days away, this episode of Joel Nagel's Global Wealth Fortress Report as timely as it is topical. Joel reveals some of the top money-saving tips he shares in the upcoming April issue of Escape Artist's Insiders Magazine. And you realize once again why "America's #1 Asset Protection Attorney" is your single best source for savvy savings!

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Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 1

Welcome to the very first, groundbreaking installment of "Charlotte's Wandering Web" We truly hope you enjoy this. We will be posting a new episode every Tuesday. Join Charlotte on her search for a new home. She will be traveling, staying in different homes and communities, and sharing her experiences with us. Let's get on with the show!

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 52

In today's exciting episode, host Carib Carter takes us all the way from Belize to the Peruvian outback -- offering rare insights and opportunities all along the way. Want to enjoy the good life at a tenth of the price in the sun, sand, and surf of beautiful Belize? Or would you rather rough it off the grid in your own Amazon forest riverfront lodge. Either way, watch now -- and learn how!

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