The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 16

Show Notes

Perhaps no one has more intriguing insights what could well be the future of cryptocurrencies than the Offshore Oracle, Mike Cobb. More than 25 years ago, Mike pioneered offshore property investment with his pace-setting Caribbean residential resort developments. Now, he is taking the lead in creating the crypto/offshore property nexus at El Salvador's Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador. Tune in for Mike's take on what you could have in store! 

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Episode 27: Is There a Beautiful, Beachfront Affordable "Tiny Home" in Your Future?

Today, Joel interviews ECI COO Patrick Hebert, a self-described "digital nomad." Taking advantage of the ease and efficiency of the World Wide Web, Patrick and his family are able to split their time between Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

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Episode 26: Pastor Ian Shares his 30 Years of Experiences in Beautiful Belize!

Pastor Ian, of the Living Word Church, shares the stirring story of his 30 years living in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye in beautiful Belize.

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Episode 25: Mike Cobb Tells You How to Live the Good Life at a Great Price -- with a Remarkable ROI!

ECI Development's Mike Cobb once again joins Joel, this time to discuss ECI's various business ventures throughout Central America -- many of which could be very profitable for you!

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Episode 24: What makes Belize a GREAT investment environment?

Mike joins us again for another episode of The Global Wealth Fortress. Today, the dynamic duo discuss why Mike chose to put his corporate headquarters in Belize and what steps you can take to set up your own business overseas.

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Episode 23: Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Mike Cobb Joins Joel with Great Investment Advice!

Today, the dynamic Mike Cobb -- an offshore entrepreneur extraordinaire -- joins Joel for a highly informative and exciting podcast! Mike started out in Belize in 1993 -- and soon discovered it was a tropical paradise with great investment potential.

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Episode 22: Come to Belize to Catch Up with Summer!

The Prime Minister has lifted the quarantine, so beautiful Belize is once again open for business -- and pleasure! When you arrive, check out the brand new Belize Investor Program, which allows you to obtain a visa for just a $250,000 investment in the country.

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Episode 21: All Things Belize

Beautiful Belize has a wonderful Quality Retired Persons program specially designed for senior citizens who want to live there.

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Episode 20: Reporting from Bayman Gardens in Beautiful Belize!

Belize has special hotels set aside for tourists in accordance with their coronavirus restrictions.

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Episode 19: Banking In—and On—Austria to Protect Your Assets!

Two of the larger banks in Austria are Bank Austria, a large retail bank, and Bankhaus Spangler, the oldest private bank in Austria.

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Episode 18: Protecting Your Green Cash on the Blue Danube!

From December 4 - 6, Joel will hold an exclusive "Private Weekend Event" in Vienna for a maximum of five couples. At the event, he and his featured experts will integrate all of the essential concepts for building your global wealth fortress. It is multi-dimensional. For some, it is tax driven

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Episode 17: How Joel Can Help You Build Your Own Global Wealth Fortress!

Joel offers numerous opportunities throughout the year to help you build your own global wealth fortress. For beginners, he offers completely free introductory events that tend to be virtual or online.

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Episode 16: Laying the Austrian Foundation of Your Offshore Success

Foundations in Austria offer tremendous advantages to American businesses. You can own shares in companies, real estate, partnerships, and more.

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Episode 15: The Most Important Part of Structure

The single most important thing for Joel when he sits down with a client is developing a strategy. The truth is, as Joel explains, structure without strategy is meaningless. Ascertaining your actual goals and objectives comes first.

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Episode 14: Live from Austria's Sunny Schönbrunn Palace!

It's time for you to think about the wealth fortress and legacy you want to create for your family. In commonwealth countries, like Great Britain, we focus on trusts. But, in civil law countries like Germany and Austria, we navigate towards foundations. It all depends upon the underlying legal system.

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Episode 13: Foreign Investments — A Time-Honored Shortcut to Citizenship!

As a foreign investor, you can get a shortcut to a second citizenship because you bring something of value to the table that the country needs -- like investment capital, creating jobs, or having employees.

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