The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 43

Show Notes

Mike Cobb, the renowned "Offshore Investment Oracle," is flying hither and yon today searching for ever more investment properties that can provide you with a great cash flow and escalating equity. So, today, we revisit one of his most popular Offshore Investment Report podcasts -- back by popular demand!


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Leslie At Large | Episode 17

Nicaragua has something for everyone…even when it comes to weather. Most of Nicaragua has an average temperature of 80 F, however there are some cities in the highlands that have cooler temps. There are two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season which we like to call the green and golden season.

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Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 29

Goats on the side of the road. A not-so-typical Mexican town. Filling up the toilet tank with pool water, MacGyver style. Living in Mexico requires a bite of resilience and a slice of mañana. Expect the unexpected and you will fit in fine. How does Charlotte handle all that Mexico can throw her way? Watch this episode to find out.

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 80

Ready for a little Nostradamus? Well, in today's fascinating episode of CWCC, Carib Carter takes us on a walk on the wild side -- aka, a look at what he predicts the US will look like after the November midterm elections. Be forewarned: It ain't pretty. And that's why he also lays out what your future could look like if and when you make your move south of the border to the security, serenity -- and incredibly low cost of living -- in Central America's luxuriant sun, sand and surf. Plus, Carib shows you how you can live the good life down south -- yet not miss a minute of your favorite pro sports team's fun and frolicking in the Upper 48!

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The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 40

You want to invest in a home -- as an investment, or to live in? Well, where you going to go? Somewhere in the US, where property values are plunging and mortgage rates are soaring? Or, in Central America -- where you can get the home of your dreams (right smack dab on the beach!) for about one-tenth of what you would pay in the USofA? In today's episode, Mike Cobb, the legendary "Offshore Investment Oracle" lays out your options for you, right down to the ideal locale and the prices you can expect to pay. So, don't get trapped in the deteriorating US housing market -- when you can live like a king for pennies a day in Central America's sun, sand, and surf!

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The Global Wealth Fortress Report| Episode 58

Brace yourself for a Special Edition of Joel Nagel's highly popular Global Wealth Fortress Report. This week, the "Offshore Assets Oracle" zeroes in on the worldwide economic meltdown -- what's happening now and where it's going next! Touching on everything from the effect of England's panic Quantitative Easing to the the impact of the Nord Stream pipeline catastrophe, Joel gives us his highly informed insights and outlook, pulling no punches and giving no quarter. Forget the talking heads in the mainstream media. When Joel speaks, High Net Worth individuals listen. And so should you!

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Leslie At Large | Episode 16

As September comes to a close, Leslie and several other Rotary members had the privilege of visiting 10 local schools in the community and donating a tablet, projector, and printer to their classrooms. It is in these moments when you are reminded that it truly is better to give than to receive. Seeing firsthand some of the obstacles that the teachers and students face each day really reminds us to not take things for granted. Volunteering is a great way to be of service to others and what better place to do that than in your own local community. 

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Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 28

Earthquakes and expats... Two things that Mexico and Charlotte have in common this week. There is never a dull moment living in Mexico—mother nature and people make sure of that. Charlotte gives the lowdown on what it's like to experience an earthquake and what a person should do and expect when they move to a different country. Expats can get a nasty reputation but with some guidance, you can be the right kind of expat and do your Plan B with your head held high.

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 79

In today's fact-(and fun-) filled edition, Carib Carter starts off tackling two important topics that he gets scads of emails, text messages, and phone calls about. First, he talks about offshore affordability -- and why you simply can't afford not to make the move south. Imagine reducing your living costs to about one-fourth of what they now are. Well, Carib tells you how -- when you set sails for the sun, sand, and surf south of the border. Then, the legendary "Offshore Assets Protection Oracle, Joel Nagel, tells us how you can quite possibly pay no taxes on your first $110,000 of offshore earnings. Not bad, not bad at all! And finally, we journey to El Salvador's beautiful Playa Los Cobanos to take a look at the beachfront home of your dreams -- at a price you can afford!

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The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 39

There is no better offshore investment resource guide than Mike Cobb's FREE Consumer Resource Guide. Absolutely none. Barring none. In this episode, Mike -- the renowned "Offshore Investment Oracle" -- tells you how to get your FREE copy of the CRG... plus he answers two of the most important questions the Guide addresses.

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The Global Wealth Fortress Report| Episode 57

How would you like to save about $30,000 a year in federal income taxes? Sound like a winner you've always wanted and waited for? Then today's Global Wealth Fortress Report may well have been made with you in mind! Because Joel Nagel, the legendary "Offshore Assets Protection Oracle," is going to tell you how to do all of that -- and more -- absolutely legally.

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Leslie At Large | Episode 15

Celebrating birthdays in another country is full of music, laughter and friends, but some may wonder what it is really like to be away from your family and friends back home during these celebrations. Leslie shares her personal experiences of her recent birthday celebrations in Nicaragua, as well as some other recent birthday parties she was invited to attend.

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Charlotte's Wandering Web | Episode 27

If there is one certainty of living in Mexico, there will be a reason to celebrate something. Anything. Mexicans love to celebrate with numerous festivals and events throughout the year. September 16 is Mexican Independence Day and the festivities don’t last a single day—they start a week in advance.

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Coffee With Carib Carter | Episode 78

This week Carib Carter takes us on journey down south of the border to the quaint, idyllic copasetic town of Cotacachi, Ecuador. Small (population 8,000), friendly, safe and serene, tiny Cotacachi has become an expat haven. And with good reason: It is a town of eternal spring, with temperatures hovering between 70 and 80 throughout the day, and dipping into the snuggly 60s after the sun drops beneath the nearby mountains. Sound like your idea of the perfect getaway. Well, tune in – and drop out!

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The Offshore Investment Report | Episode 38

Imagine a brand new country... on a beautiful island... tucked away in one of the most gorgeous regions of Eastern Europe. Well, imagine no more -- because it is about to become a reality. And soon, you will actually be able to own a home there -- for less than you ever imagined possible. To make matters even better, the renowned "Offshore Oracle," Mike Cobb -- the man whose Caribbean residential resort communities set the standard for luxurious living -- is helping advise on its development. Tune in to learn more!

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The Global Wealth Fortress Report | Episode 56

In this incisive episode of Joel Nagel's Global Wealth Fortress Report, America's #1 asset protection attorney delves into the President's massive new $5.8 trillion budget proposal -- and what it could mean to your financial future. He explores offshore options to protect your assets. And even takes a hard look at the declining future of dollar hegemony. It's serious, sobering, and enlightening!

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