Quality Of Life In Medellin Colombia | Living in Colombia

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  • 08/19/2021
In order to get a better idea of what Medellin is like Tacha will talk about the Quality Of Life In Medellin Colombia.

Tacha will talk about her experiences since she's living in Medellin Colombia.

Colombia is still a place with a lot of misconceptions from others, with a lot of help from the media. There are still way too many myths about life in Colombia, the safety and so much more.

Tacha wants to help other people like, Expats, soon to be Expats and also travelers, to have more accurate thinking of Colombia and Medellin in particular.

Everything Tacha talks about in the video is based on her own experiences in Medellin Colombia.

She also had a lot of misconceptions about Colombia and couldn't believe her eyes the first time in Medellin. It is way more developed than expected, Medellin is way more modern and safe as expected. Overall Colombia was a huge positive surprise for her.
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