Why The Colombian System Offers More Than The US

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  • 12/15/2021
Healthcare In The States
When we learned something from most of our clients, it is certain that the healthcare system in the states is pretty messed up!

We spoke to many people regarding this topic. We even spoke to a client who is a doctor. He explained to us a lot of things and how much Americans are depending on health insurance. But the worst was surely to hear about the insanely high cost for healthcare with and without health insurance. 

We have a lot of clients with chronic health issues like HIV and other autoimmune conditions. ALL of them found the medication they need in Medellin. The very same medication but the prices they paid here compared to the states are insanely less expensive!

Let me give you an example, the client having HIV was looking for a specific brand of medication and we found a pharmacy that provided exactly this medication. We went there with him and they had to order the medication, 45min later they called to tell us they got it. 

I have to add, that they gave him the medication without a prescription or further questions. And now, the price.

In the states, he would pay around 2.000 USD  for that medication of course WITH the health insurance. In Colombia, he paid, 200 USD! 

I think that can give you an idea of what we mean by messed up. There are so many people coming to Medellin because they feel fooled by the US system for letting them pay such an amount of money when they can just take a 3h flight from Miami and get the very same medication for so much less.

Watch the full video to get more information about the topic.
Medical Bills by Bermix Studio is licensed under unsplash.com

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