Freedom Fest 2022: A World of Options with Mike Cobb
A second residency is your best bet to secure ultimate freedom for yourself and your loved ones. Read More.
Tourism in Belize
Join us on Tuesday July 26, 2022 at 5 pm ET to learn more about how to take control of your life and investments and actually take advantage of the current market by investing overseas. You won't want to miss it! Read More.
The Rom Report: Thursday Night Live - January 13, 2022
ICYMI: Romulus' Thursday Night Live Zoom meeting hosted on January 13, 2022. Read More.
Medical Costs in Mexico - How Much Does it Cost to See a Doctor in Mexico?
Today we take a walk through the Garcia Gineres Neighborhood in Merida Yucatan Mexico and we talk about typical medical costs here in Mexico. I recently have had to see a few doctors to get a few things checked out and I feel like know I have a bit more knowledge that I can share with you guys who do not have and do not plan to get any kind of insurance. We talk prices and what you can expect when you come visit a medical profesional in Mexico. Read More.
Incredible Inexpensive Coverage | How Does Health Insurance Work In Colombia
Colombia has 3 health care systems: Sispen, PBS and Private. In this video, we will talk about how the Colombian healthcare system works. Read More.
Why The Colombian System Offers More Than The US
When we learned something from most of our clients, it is certain that the healthcare system in the states is pretty messed up! Read More.
Medical Tourism In Colombia...
In this episode we explore the medical tourism scene in Colombia. Colombia is well positioned as a world leader in medical tourism. It is extremely easy to access medical services that are difficult to access elsewhere. The cost of medical services in Colombia is also relatively inexpensive when compared with the U.S., the U.K., and Australia. Read More.
Street Food Guaimaca Honduras / Painting Our House 🇭🇳
My husband Darlan and I (Carolyn), Travel to Honduras! Join us for our Honduran travel series. We will be posting videos weekly. Welcome to Honduras! (Bienvenidos A Honduras!) Read More.
The Food Tour - A Meal From Honduras
This week, Eric continues the food tour into Honduras, in Central America, for some street food and rice pudding! This is the Food Tour. Read More.
Living the Expat Life in Guatemala
We speak with Iva Ursano of "Amazing Me Movement" about living in Guatemala and about becoming an expat later in life. This wonderful inspirational speaker shares her outlook on life as a Canadian Expat. Read More.
The Best Of Bolivia's White City
In this episode we’re giving you the rundown on all the best things to do in Sucre Bolivia. We loved Bolivia’s white city so much we spent four months living here while learning Spanish. From rooftops and hilltops, we’ll show you the absolute best views in Sucre. Plus where to find real dinosaur footprints, a huge pink castle and the most colourful market in the country. And of course share some of our favourite bars and places to eat. Watch on to find out why Sucre Bolivia captured our hearts and should be on your South America itinerary. Read More.
Can I afford to live in Mexico on Social Security?
This video helps you determine if your Social Security income will be enough to live comfortably in Mexico. Read More.
10 Best Cities in Mexico to relocate from the United States
Are you a United States resident thinking about living in Mexico? More and more US citizens are deciding to work, retire or just live in Mexico. Most go for the lower cost of living while others go just to leave the United States. Mexico has affordable health care, affordable housing, and a very low cost of living in most parts. If you have ever thought about living the ex-pat life in Mexico this video could help. These are some of the best places in Mexico for Americans to make that dream a reality. Read More.
Why Most Expats Love Cotacachi, Ecuador
In our final video from Cotacachi, we share several PROS & CONS about this popular expat mountain town in northern Ecuador. Read More.

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