The 15 Questions You Should Ask When You Buy Properties Overseas {Questions #1-3}
The answers to these 15 Questions should be an important part of your property selection process. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers, however we’ve found that the things people take for granted or assume are standards in North America, may not be in Latin America. Read More.
Peter Schiff | Endgame for the Dollar: Government Tries to Replace the Economy with Printing Press
In response to unprecedented economic collapse brought on by the government's nonsensical response to the coronavirus pandemic, the powers in Washington have decided that the Federal Reserve's ability to create money out of thin air is a sufficient substitute for an actual economy. Read More.
2020 Summer Markets: Report & Video
Thirty Minutes of Matt’s Goofy Face Yet Serious Thoughts on the 2020 Summer Markets Read More.

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