Reasons Why People are Relocating to Nicaragua
Here are 6 reasons why people are relocating to Nicaragua! Read More.
Budget Friendly Dominican Republic For Ideal Caribbean Retirement
How can Americans, Canadians and Europeans stretch their retirement dollars to live like royalty on a fixed income? Read More.
Becoming Expats - Why We Chose Nicaragua | Moving To Nicaragua | Expat Life In San Juan Del Sur
Learn why we chose Nicaragua to retire early and start our EXPAT life. Read More.
Cuenca Ecuador Expat Life on a $1,039 monthly budget
This video is meant to show the quality of life you can experience as an Expat living on a $1,039 a month budget in Cuenca Ecuador. Read More.
Cost of Living in Mexico 2021 - Baja California Sur
This is how much money we spend on rent, groceries, eating out at restaurants and living life in general here in Mexico in 2021. Read More.
Meet the man who owns five gorgeous, picture-perfect residential resorts throughout Latin America
He is not going to like this…But, I’m going to say it anyway: Mike Cobb is one of the nicest guys on the face of the earth. Read More.
Nicaragua Expat Interview: Why move to Nicaragua?
Nicaragua expat interview on why you should move to this beautiful country. Read More.
The Country Only Few Know About! Welcome to Suriname ❤️
Welcome to Suriname in South America. The country only few know about! Today while we are approaching marina in the middle of Suriname River, we share with you what we love about Suriname, the funniest stories, animals (ANACONDAS AND PIRANHAS!!!!), people we met. Read More.
Honduras WILL Surprise You | Travel Central America on $1000
Finding undiscovered paradise on a volcanic island in Honduras. We experience the danger, and the love from the locals -and get rewarded with one of the best travel experiences ever in Isla Del Tigre! Route : San Lorenzo to Choluteca. Read More.
Uruguay Travel - Sights, highlights and insider tips
Uruguay Travel is not as popular as travelling to the neighboring countries of Argentina or Brasil. But the little country of Uruguay has a lot to offer! Read More.
6 Best reasons to retire to Buenos Aires, Argentina!
Now here is a town not to be looked over, the capital of Argentina where you'll have a lot of fun just roaming the streets. It was one of the cities I was excited in talking about so watch all 6 best reasons to retire to Buenos Aires, Argentina and tell me what you think! Read More.
8 Best reasons to retire to Bolivia! Living in Bolivia!
Now in this vlog, we explore the reasons why Bolivia may be a good place to retire. Check out my points on the best reasons to retire to Bolivia and tell me what you think. Read More.
Moving to Colombia On A Budget! How to Move to Colombia
I'll walk you through exactly how much it costs to move to Colombia on a budget, what you can expect to pay for your cost of living there, and a few secrets along the way to offer even more ways to move to Colombia on a budget and save on your cost of living in this beautiful country. Read More.

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