Special Coffee With Carib Carter announcement…
Don't miss out on the next edition of Coffee With Carib Carter. Read More.
Introducing "Friendship Village"
Today at 2pm ET on “Coffee With Carib Carter,” I am going to introduce you to the all-new Offshore.Club “Friendship Village “ concept — so that you will soon have friends and neighbors all throughout Central and South America before you even make your move there. Check it out — I think you’re going to love it!!! Read More.
My response to an Offshore Club member’s poignant request
“Please help me find an affordable safe haven home offshore. I want to get my family out of the US now.” Read More.
Quality Of Life In Medellin Colombia | Living in Colombia
In order to get a better idea of what Medellin is like, Tacha will talk about the Quality Of Life In Medellin Colombia. Read More.
Guyana Culture
Learn more about Guyana Culture by watching this video. Read More.
Some 75 & Alive Advice
Do it your way— and fill your own void! Read More.
Cost Of Living In Argentina Buenos Aires
In this video I have told the cheapest things you could buy in Argentina , Buenos Aires, the cost of living, what is affordable and compared the prices of the goods from other countries. Read More.
Lessons from life at 75 Live!
When you live to be 75, you learn a lot of things. Read More.
Why so many Americans are making the move to Central and South America
Let me sum it up in two vantage points--wanting out and wanting in. Read More.
An email I think you’re going to like — about a place I know you’re going to love!
I want to share an email with you--one where I think might express the same thoughts that you may have and I'll give you my honest answer. You're going to want to hear this! Read More.
Mandatory breathalyzer in YOUR car is okay? But a simple voter ID is oppressive?
What the heck is the Biden regime really up to? Get ready to escape south, my friend. Read More.
Backpacking Guatemala - Rio Dulce de Izabal - Street Tour
Sabrina and I finally make it to Guatemala. After two full days of travel from the Bay Islands in Honduras to Rio Dulce de Izabal, Guatemala. Read More.

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