Lessons from life at 75 Live!
When you live to be 75, you learn a lot of things. Read More.
Why so many Americans are making the move to Central and South America
Let me sum it up in two vantage points--wanting out and wanting in. Read More.
An email I think you’re going to like — about a place I know you’re going to love!
I want to share an email with you--one where I think might express the same thoughts that you may have and I'll give you my honest answer. You're going to want to hear this! Read More.
Mandatory breathalyzer in YOUR car is okay? But a simple voter ID is oppressive?
What the heck is the Biden regime really up to? Get ready to escape south, my friend. Read More.
Backpacking Guatemala - Rio Dulce de Izabal - Street Tour
Sabrina and I finally make it to Guatemala. After two full days of travel from the Bay Islands in Honduras to Rio Dulce de Izabal, Guatemala. Read More.
Chris and Sugey could soon have you living the good life in the sun, sand, and surf!
I think you need to watch this short (10 minutes or so) video right now -- AND THEN GIVE CHRIS BARRETT A CALL ASAP! Otherwise, I promise you that you are going to miss out on the sun, sand, and surf oceanfront home DEAL OF A LIFETIME (including being my new neighbor)! Read More.
Beach Bound For Belize
Learn about this charming and colorful destination with ownership opportunities starting under $100k. Read More.
Heads up about a “Don’t Miss” podcast that may have you buying your ticket to head south!
You won't want to miss my very special podcast episode, featuring Leslie Lawrence. Read More.
You are the modern-day Lewis & Clark. Here’s why!
I think I have found the perfect sign for the Carib Carter Cadres. In a word, it sums up the very essence of the Offshore Club. Read More.
Is it possible to live on $650 a month in Brazil as a gringo?
In this video, I lay out my plans to live on $650USD for the month on February. I've made predictions about how much i'll spend in different categories. Read More.
Ready to Move to Buenos Aires, Argentina? 8 Reasons You SHOULD!
If you’re considering moving to Buenos Aires, then you won’t want to miss this video with all my favorite things about living in Buenos Aires, Argentina as an American expat. Read More.
Best reasons to retire to Chile! Living in Chile!
8 Best reasons to retire to Chile! Once you check out how beautiful it is down south in Chile, you may consider living there other than some of the other Latin American countries on your list. Would you want to retire in Chile, check out my video to find out! Read More.
A quick word for you from the inimitable Edgar Allen Guest!
Here's another message from YOUR Offshore Club President, Carter Clews! Read More.

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